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Humanoid NPC’s, Foliage, and Shaders

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3:48pm EST - It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’re seeing progress on a new testing tool, improvements to foliage and shaders, and continued work on Hapis improvements. Let’s get into it...

Humanoid NPC’s

After adding simple human bots last week to help with his recoil and gunplay changes, Helk is improving on the functionality of these humanoid NPC’s. He’s set them up to navigate the terrain (via navmesh) and also gave them the ability to use weapons. Although they are currently just tools for development, it is possible these NPC’s could be added into gameplay in some capacity in the future. 

Foliage improvements

Andre is working on some updates to the foliage system. Although some of this is still disabled, it looks like we’ll be seeing some changes to the vegetation of the Rust landscape in the near future. So far he has randomized scale and tinting along with adding a smooth distance fadeout to this new foliage.

Shader stuff

Diogo is continuing his work on shaders, including the exciting new hair shader mentioned in the devblog last week. So far he’s implemented a couple fixes, along with improving the shader source cache handling for better performance.

Hapis improvements

Petur is still trucking along on the next round of enhancements to Hapis. He’s completed more tweaks to the new desert area and added a fresh oasis area to the map. No visuals on this yet as it’s still on a separate branch - expect more info in the coming weeks.

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