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On The Pulse of Rust

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Better recoil, buckshot buff, and more!

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12:00am EST - Update day is upon us and we’re seeing improvements to recoil, a buff to buckshot, optimizations, and more.

 Our update stream will start at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it...


Recoil improvements

In the wake of the drastic recoil changes from last week, Helk has iterated on aimcone behavior. Bullets now have a chance of going directly where you’re aiming, instead of simply landing anywhere in the aimcone. As Helk told me, it should feel much more like Battlefield.

As of writing this, the recoil3 branch hasn’t been merged in. Expect more information and examples in our update summary video as the day progresses.


Buckshot buff

The spread of buckshot pellets has been improved upon by Helk this week. Similar to the recoil changes, pellets now have an affinity towards the center as opposed to randomly going anywhere in the aimcone. With this change, their range has been nerfed slightly - damage falloff is now faster, losing effectiveness at around 30 meters. See Helk’s tweet for a before and after shot.

P2P packet flooding fix

A potential fix is in for the player to player attack which has been prevalent for some time now. Andre has added maxpeerspersecond client convar, which hopefully helps mitigate the p2p packet flooding attack.


Dropbox changes

Helk has improved some characteristics of the newly added Dropbox item. First, items no longer auto submit when you put them in (this has been applied to the Mailbox, too). Also, the Dropbox no longer tosses items into the world when dragged into a full dropbox, they simply go back to the slot they originated. Finally, like items will automatically stack when dragged in. These simple UX changes should make using the dropbox a bit more functional.


Andre has tweaked some things with textures to increase performance. Along with optimizing anisotropic and trilinear filtering settings on workshop skins, the minimum AF setting on all textures is no longer forced (only the maximum) allowing for lower qualities and hence, better performance.

Other stuff

  • Clamp NPC walk animation speed (effect spamming fix)
  • Small tweaks to the small clutter rock scales
  • Dungeon art progress (rocket factory dungeon)
  • Hapis improvements second iteration under way
  • Fixed crazy emissive laser disco blobs (I love Diogo’s commits)
  • Fixed viewmodel going crazy when ADS immediately after weapon deploy

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