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On The Pulse of Rust

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Shotgun buff and other stuff

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It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’re seeing some tweaks to shotguns, improvements to dropboxes, and more progress on dungeons. Let’s get into it...

Shotgun pellet grouping

Grab your waterpipes! Helk has shifted shotgun pellets, giving them an affinity to stay grouped to the center. This creates and tighter spread and should increase the damage dealt, especially at close range. Speaking of range, he has made it so they have a much faster damage falloff (only effective for ~30- meters).

Note that these changes are applied to the ammo, not the weapon, meaning the Eoka will also be affected. That said, Helk shared with me that the changes to handmade shells were pretty minor - most of the significant changes were to buckshot.

Dropbox changes

After its addition last week, the dropbox is seeing some quality of life improvements. They now stack submitted items of like-kind (stones added to other stones, etc). They also no longer auto submit items.

Mailbox auto submit

Just like the dropbox, the mailbox no longer auto submits items.

Shader changes

Diogo is doing his thing, tweaking shaders and fixing ‘crazy emissive laser disco blobs.’ As always, it’s a little hard to decipher exactly what the fuck he is talking about. That said, you can probably expect some improvements and slight changes to how stuff looks come the Thursday update.

Dungeon art progress

Damian and Vince continue trucking along on the new dungeon, Rocket Factory. Work this week appears to be focusing on the walkways and offices of this exciting new PvP zone. As with all dungeon art, we won’t see this in game till the next forced wipe (July 6th) at the earliest.

Hapis 5

After launching the first iteration of changes last week, Petur has started the next round of updates to the Hapis map. No visuals on this yet, however, it appears a new canyon area has been added. Like the dungeon art, these changes will likely not go live till the next forced wipe.

Other stuff

  • Added maxpeerspersecond client convar (counteracts P2P packet flooding)
  • Fixed viewmodel going crazy when ADS immediately after weapon deploy
  • 3rd party asset removal (cleaning out old Unity store assets)

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