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On The Pulse of Rust

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Recoil and aimcones

Over the last two days Helk has made a series of twitter posts discussing the state of gunplay in Rust. He has posted a few videos comparing the aimcones in Rust and Battlefield along with two polls asking for feedback from the players. The latest poll asks yes or no to “recoil compensation (optional), rifles have zero aimcone until automatic fire”. This evening Helk has discussed big changes to PVP this week with revised recoil in the mix.

Hapis upgrades

The Hapis upgrades described in our Tuesday post are almost here! We encourage players to check out these changes tomorrow on our Hapis server. We are increasing the population from 100 to 150 as well, expect some great PVP and exploring on this upgraded map!

Harvestable logs

One nice quality of life change this week involves the ability to harvest logs and downed branches. While they don’t yield as much wood as a tree, each of them gives the an equal amount. How much wood you get overall depends on the tool that you are using.


Rock 125
Stone hatchet 194
Metal hatchet 211
Salvaged axe 250


All cacti can now be harvested. The two in the images below now yield cloth and cactus flesh at the same rate as the standard small cacti.


Sandy nodes

Like the snowy nodes in the great white north, the nodes in the desert now have a sand covered bottom. A small but aesthetically pleasing change.




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