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On The Pulse of Rust

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Aimcone, rocket health, and more.

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Aimcone tweaks

As Helk wrote in the commit “aimcones slightly tighter because they're now aimcones and not aimsquares”. We will be testing and updating with results prior to the Thursday update, hopefully this offers improved firing mechanics. The aimcone has been the subject of numerous posts and conversations on reddit over the last few weeks though Helk has recently stated that the aimcones have remained unchanged since their introduction in 2015. Here is an example of the change.

Rocket Launcher Health

The rocket launcher can now shoot 50 rockets before breaking rather than 20ish. At this time we have not seen any changes involving cost or damage.

Hapis Overhaul Progress

As mentioned in devblog 161, the first phase of the Hapis Island upgrades are scheduled to launch with the June 1st update. This is exciting because Hapis has been in need of some love for a while. 
New caves, topological changes, loot improvements, lighting enhancements, and coastline changes are in store. Per devblog 161, we are expecting a second phase of upgrades to be added in the July 6th update. We will be increasing our Hapis Island server population to 150 this week as well. Expect some gameplay streams as well!

Rocket Factory

A few more commits for the rocket factory have been added this week. As of right now there is no confirmation that it will go live on this forced wipe. As always, we will keep you posted with any updates on this.

Other stuff

  • Improved vertex lighting correction
  • Some sidewalk texture polish, looking more multipurpose, grid alignment on meshes
  • Fixed positioning of the map so it sits better in the player's hands
  • Tweaked skin specs to mitigate head/body seam
  • Wooden logs can be harvested for wood
  • Resources no longer occasionally spawn inside of each other
  • Fixed repair being free on some objects that only cost a very small amount of resources
  • Small trees give same wood per hit as large trees (still less wood overall)

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