November additions - Germany, and Europass!

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There are two changes which may not affect you if you aren't in the EU. Firstly, we've fixed PayPal for our German users! If your billing address is in Germany, PayPal restrict the use of recurring payments. We've implemented a workaround that uses an invoice system similar to if you pay via card. Each month, you get prompted and if the info is on file it will be deducted. It's not perfect but unfortunately some nations have stricter control over the recurring payments which is why they cannot be as automated as in other countries. At least this way, Germany gets to have VIP :) You can look for the "PayPal - Germany only // nur Deutschland" method when at the checkout.

The second thing is the addition of VIP Slot - Europass! The Europass opens up VIP access to all 3 EU servers (EU Main, EU Medium, EU Low Pop) at a discounted rate of $25 (or about €22.50 converted directly). You can find it under the EU Servers category, or via this link:



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