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  1. Well, the event is not starting until today (after the wipe... which they just did on some of them) So no, its not going to change anything Good luck
  2. Yes, you can build on all Rustafied servers
  3. Thank you for signing up CliraXxX Good luck with your building.
  4. Thank you Anni
  5. Look at my other skins here too :
  6. Yes, you will spawn at the same spot if you just logged out and didn´t got killed. (I hope noone killed you)
  7. Hello Guys. We are aware of the problem, and we are trying to fix the issue. Please have patience Have a nice day //Shadow
  8. Looks so great guys
  9. Hello Nethen. Maybe try to play on Our Main server instead, (or some of the other servers we have), since those have a 1 week wipe only? Just an idea Have a nice day //Shadow
  10. This i going to be so much fun Sign up and show us your build skills... Cant wait to see what´s coming up
  11. Anytime... Have a nice day
  12. Ok... EU servers will wipe at 5pm GMT (Wipe tomorrow the 16´th )
  13. Depends on what server you play on ?
  14. A big welcome to our team Black_Shaman, hope you will like as much as we do
  15. Hmm, for some reason i didnt get any notification on your replies... (So, sorry about the late respond) But thank you for your kind words, im glad you like them I think Its pretty hard to make something, that alot of people would like to see ingame, but im actually happy about the outcome on theese, when its the first time i tried to make Rust skins Have a nice day ya´ll