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  1. Hello Nethen. Maybe try to play on Our Main server instead, (or some of the other servers we have), since those have a 1 week wipe only? Just an idea Have a nice day //Shadow
  2. This i going to be so much fun Sign up and show us your build skills... Cant wait to see what´s coming up
  3. Anytime... Have a nice day
  4. Ok... EU servers will wipe at 5pm GMT (Wipe tomorrow the 16´th )
  5. Depends on what server you play on ?
  6. A big welcome to our team Black_Shaman, hope you will like as much as we do
  7. Hmm, for some reason i didnt get any notification on your replies... (So, sorry about the late respond) But thank you for your kind words, im glad you like them I think Its pretty hard to make something, that alot of people would like to see ingame, but im actually happy about the outcome on theese, when its the first time i tried to make Rust skins Have a nice day ya´ll
  8. Np Hope you have a good day too
  9. Yes they did, but our Medium servers had some issues with their save files, so we had to wipe them ealier.
  10. Both Medium servers (EU/US) will wipe this upcoming thursday.. So only 1 weeks wipe this week.
  11. Well, i tried to make a few Rust skins myself for the first time, so why not keep this Topic here "alive" by posting them here Have a nice day
  12. Yeah, I agree Theprofessor Such a nice thing to do, to help out new players.
  13. Thank you for your report. Our servers are high priority, so we will look into it. //Regards Shadow
  14. Yeah it would be fun, but as far as i was told, the Parkour was to big to save and "Copy-Paste" But maybe it can happen in the future.. We´ll see //Shadow
  15. Hello Domo. Unfortuneately the server is not up anymore. What goes for the Oxide plugin "Copypaste", i will try to find out if we can help you with that or not. Thank you for your kind words.. It was a great day and an awesome event, that will take place again next year Hope you will be able to join then. Regards from Shadow