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  1. Made by player Lost in Rust love her work on the walls Cheers have a nice christmas all !
  2. hahaha thx for the nfo to whe didnt find that info wow yes the bleuberries that will be awsome to and the single sqaure planters yea nice ! i look forward to the new update. have a nice christmass !
  3. yea its verry nice whe even have lamps above it XD i think they need to tweak it or something
  4. there was no color different i was checking all the time in a blink it was all gone
  5. whe placed the small plant thing and it was growing and wasnt even full growed and its just gone all of them !!!!! ??? it was planted at different time's
  6. Much laggs even the animals lagging
  7. I have 2 amazing artworkers in the team verry awsome lucky us its rly motivating also to defend the art work's This is from a team membeer Candy also playing in Rustafield medium EU Thx i will tell them the link you sent me. so far i know they dont use Rustangelo or similar i will ask i dont think so i also never hear about it
  8. art contes ? is there another contest comming ? i will tell the player Lost in Rust about it... she spent about 2 hours on it amazing
  9. Made by team player Lost in Rust in Rustafield medium EU verry nice ! whe like the outfit
  10. Welcome to Rustafied. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.