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  1. I love the rustafied shirt. I would totally wear that ingame all the time. Maybe make a rustafied beanie or gloves, something cheaper to craft
  2. yeah same, the panther hoodie looks really cool. Good job on them.
  3. 38 - DOAmaster
  4. You have not lived until you waited in a 100+ player queue on main just to crash and get put back into 100+ player queue.
  5. Rust is really a numbers game right now. I don't think there is any way for admins to police group size. If the large group is reasonable you might be able to talk them in some sort of resource payment system in exchange of not being raided. (only worked for me like twice.)
  6. my Origin name is DOAmaster add me people of rustafied and we can shoot bitches in BF1 sometime.
  7. I hope one day this becomes part of the main game so I can see the feature in rustafied. I hate having to mspaint all my signs just for some naked to come destroy them if they are put down too low.
  8. I hope we build on the same beach in the future, a big ass Bar with a village next to it sounds awesome.
  9. Sounds neat, I love seeing player made towns. Be sure to get some screenshots of it before the wipe.
  10. This weeks Bar is fantastic to look at. Even at 30fps.
  11. I've had some plants just fail randomly, but not all of them at once. I really enjoy the grow room you set up though, it looks super neat.
  12. I was impressed how good the staff was at removing hackers, so I made rustafied server and forums my home.