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  1. Really good positioning and movement in the out numbered fights. Keep up the good frag videos.
  2. I need more security, the ground floor is always a blood bath. Even for me. haha
  3. Walling off radtowns is a smart way to play. Who wants crappy Rust propriety that does not spawn phat loot for you personally.
  4. I like the idea of dodgeball, sounds like a fun build.
  5. Hopefully future patches will help with the lag. The joys of alpha testing.
  6. I love your Rust artwork, I remember seeing it on reddit and linked it to all my Rust buddies. It really captures the emotion and tone of Rust.
  7. I am loving the new locker feature. Now I don't have to scream at my teammates, "where is my gun?!" after I die and try to get some quick revenge.
  8. When you are solo and you have to watch your own back.
  9. Devs are Gods, they don't abide by our pathetic naked rules and laws.
  10. Yeah this patch they added lag tornadoes, I get caught in one every few minutes.