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  1. Thanks so much for your warm welcome to Rust, it is greatly appreciated!  Got any suggestions for a good server with friendly members and fair play?  Thanks again!


  2. So i gotta ask. How did you become so notorious on main? I've played with a bunch of groups that are like, "dude thats DOA's base. DO NOT SHOOT THEM"

  3. w00t found a fix

  4. Love to join back with the EAC is fixed. I can't join since 2 updates ago.

  5. I hate the revive system. You should have to use a medkit or something to revive a downed person.

    1. WIRide


      I totally agree, makes it more "realistic." 

  6. wipe hype! The day of area sleeping bags has arrived.

  7. "radial reset of sleeping bags upon spawn (default 50m in all directions) " My body is ready for some base camping

  8. This charity event is going to be off the hook!

  9. damn I got my hopes up for the AK removal. Time to die again and again by groups of ak wielding dudes.

  10. I am really excited to see the AK removed, I never got to play with it anymore since they changed the cost of it.


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