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  1. New hair, minigame fixes, and half walls.

    wew more building options!!!
  2. Painting Signs on Rust is hard

    The server would have to have the sil plugin installed for the "/sil" command to work. If the server is default then you will have to keep painting your signs by hand mspaint style. I am really hoping they add a save and load feature to the signs soon, because repainting signs every wipe is far from fun.
  3. Does anyone like the BP system?

    It will save me from having to put down 3 external cupboards to save the Bar from being greifed. I don't know how I feel about upkeep on my big cosmedic bases, I can barely keep the nakeds and neighbors from soft siding all the wooden walls and foundations as it is. Hopefully the upkeep pentaly is not very high for wood structures, or more time will be spent hitting trees instead of player interactions.
  4. Does anyone like the BP system?

    good I really miss half blocks and ramps.
  5. Does anyone like the BP system?

    I really don't like the new system. For the way I play Rust it just added an unnecessary grid to the game. I normally play on hard mode, solo or with a small group on Rustafied main. Before the new system I would only go to radtowns or roads to gather enough gears to make a vending machine. For the entire week I would never hit another barrel once I got some gears. Now I feel like I am forced to farm at least 50 scrap to make a work bench to even get trade windows in my base. The grind for scrap only begins because for me to build any sort of community build I would need a bunch of basic stuff researched. So more gameplay is spent hitting barrels and making recyclable runs. The fun level of Rust really went down for me. I like to build on the beach and chill with strangers who spawn in. Now I am forced to be target practice to some clan as I rifled through garbage all week.
  6. EU Long is extremely laggy

    yeah I think this patch was quite a doozy on the lag. Hopefully with some more updates things can go back to a playable state.
  7. Advice on rules & Toxic players.

    Sounds like the average Rust player. If he has access to the cupboard I would not call it greifing but just remodeling of his newly claimed base.
  8. Advice on rules & Toxic players.

    Code lock raiding is a legit form of raiding. You have to always be cautious on who you give your base code out to, it only takes one person to take over the base for them selfs. Being code lock raided by a "friend" is one of the worst experiences in Rust, but I don't see it breaking any rules. The only thing I can suggest is to learn from this and keep your base code more secret or weed out all the bad apples in your group. Admins are not going to change your door codes back or ban a code lock raider.
  9. How do you get players on your rust server.

    Kowning if the server has active admins that play fair is always a plus when I am looking for a server. But I can see how growing a server pop will be hard since the majority of the community servers are empty.
  10. Blueprints

    I am starting to warm up to the new system now that I have the basics researched. I have noticed some things I like with this recent change. I've found a lot of random items from crates and barrels and as a vending machine owner I can try to resell that junk to someone who would use it. I do also like that scrap is a form of currency since almost everyone need it. Some of the down falls of this patch is not being able to craft items on the fly while roaming and being forced to gather scrap for a workbench just to have access to basic items. I think with a bit more tweeking and tuning this can be balanced in a way where the game is more fun than dodging bullets from zergs as you smash barrels.
  11. Commercial 1

  12. Bar going up on Long

    If you want to help out find the Bar on the north east side of the map on Rustafied Long right in the water and save up your wood donations.
  13. Charitable Rust

    Charitable Rust Mega Bar
  14. I don't think the game is dying, but Rust is a kind of game you can take long breaks from and come back later. The devs are doing such a great job updating the game, it feels like a new experience each patch. I am sure a lot of the Rust players will come back to Rust in the future when more content piles up. It is really exhausting having Rust as the main game you play, so I can see why people take long breaks from the game from time to time.
  15. Rustafied Main Wipe Day

    wipe hype! I am building the mega Bar for the charity event, so I will be taking a break building on main for a bit. Be sure to check it out on Dec 2.

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