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  1. I would recommend finding a small group to play with to learn the ropes. My favorite server is Rustafied main because it is where all the try hards play. If you can make it in rustafied main you can survive in any other server.
  2. Thanks so much for your warm welcome to Rust, it is greatly appreciated!  Got any suggestions for a good server with friendly members and fair play?  Thanks again!


  3. welcome! Rust is a game with a lot of lessons you have to learn the hard way, have fun with the ups and downs.
  4. N/A

    haha I feel like I might need a bancation too
  5. I like the design. I really hate this patch though, it reminds me of the builds on legacy were people would build foundations all around their base to prevent people building on the ground floor.
  6. It would be kinda neat to see something like this applied to Rust. Maybe some sort of rare random chance that your gun will have better stats than normal. It does seem too much like an RPG idea than an FPS survival concept though.
  7. mashing reconnect over and over sometimes fixes it after a bunch of tried.
  8. Sounds like vip time. Or you can minimize your game and watch youtube all day until your time is ready.
  9. I need an SSD so freaking bad.
  10. I personally like watching vanilla Rust videos (unless its a pvp mod like batteroyal or battletag). I find human interaction super fun in Rust videos. Most streamers just kos everyone like the game is call of duty and never experience the joy of a conversation between 2 geared people on the island of struggle.
  11. Build up on main, need someone to witness it in all of its glory. West coast by lighthouse. Some screenshots here:
  12. Server are mostly populated the first few days of the wipe, then population drops drastically a few days before a wipe.
  13. I want a bigger whole wall version of the wheel so I can recreate wheel of fortune or the price is right wheel haha
  14. I used the spinning wheel for a rock/paper/scissor game by putting 2 wheels on a table. I always made a spin the bottle wheel that is kinda funny. I've only use the spinning wheel object for a few things, I can't really think of other good stuff to paint on them, anyone else have any spinning wheel ideas that worked?