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  1. New Rust Video

    cool video, those were some clutch kills
  2. Larger spawn areas and further progress

    I hope the beach spawns are still good for community builds
  3. Rustafied Solo/Duo/Trio | VOTE |

    "big clan wars" is part of Rust. Just learn how to lay low and stay out of big clans radar to survive in high pop servers.
  4. Forced wipe incoming!

    First iceberg base will be the King of the North!
  5. I want to be able to save signs and use the paintings for later wipes. An option to allow others to paint on a sign without cupboard access. Maybe even being able to paint on signs in your inventory and trade the finished paintings to other bases. A way to black list names of people so when I see them, their name is slightly red instead of white that is presistant over wipes. (this will help me weed out all the crazy randoms who like to backstab, or people who change their name for a second chance at harassment.) I miss the voice box ui element showing who is using the microphone. Most people don't like to state their name out loud in voice chat when they are being an asshat. This was also a good way to check who you are running up on instead of risking your self running close enough to read the persons name tag.
  6. I want more primitive weapons. I don't want to fight tanks with AKs and Rifles. I want more sticks and stone weapons. Maybe a sling shot, or proper throwing daggers. Ability to add poison to weapons and food.
  7. The Blueprint and XP system were the worst. I would spend my day farming barrels praying to the RNG gods never enjoying my time on Rust.
  8. Chests in rocks

    Think of it as a donation to the Rust gods.
  9. It would be cool if there was a lobby system for the bigger queues. Instead of sitting in queue for main, it will send you to a prime server to play in until a spot opens in queue then reconnects to the server you wanted.
  10. How to see in the dark like streamers?

    Any way to do this with AMD cards? I am getting destroyed in pitch black bow fights.
  11. DOA's beach bar

    Still going strong on the beaches of Rustafied.
  12. How to see in the dark like streamers?

    If you have an Nvidia card you can tweek the profile settings to see better at night. There might be a good way to do it with AMD but I am not sure yet.
  13. Vote Here! ST7 vs Infamy! Castle Build!

    ST7 looks sweet

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