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  1. It would be interesting to see a server like this, but without some sort of plug-in or mod, this will be a 24/7 task for admins trying to judge and police the no large group rule.
  2. Yeah I've been getting it too. It is on the border of unplayable. Hopefully they come out with some optimizations in the near future so my FPS is not jumping around like crazy in fights.
  3. I hope soon they will add this feature into vanilla gameplay. You can only ms paint a sign so many wipes until you get bored of doing it pixel by pixel. (or at least get the save and reuse image feature working)
  4. It looks a bit too new for the world of Rust. Maybe add some dirt or some grease stains on it, or maybe a chink out of the metal to show some wear and tear. I am kinda on the fence on glow in the dark weapons, they light your character up like a candle when roaming at night. Other than that it looks neat, the iron sights on it look cool.
  5. It sounds sketchy. I've seen the admins police the exploit about building inside of rocks. This might fall into the same category as that, since this gives you hacker like abilities. Hopefully they patch it soon.
  6. There is a player made town on the main server right now, and I thought I would share some screenshots of this community build before it wipes. This place is ran by Scruffy Hobo and friends and is really a neat thing to see on a vanilla high pop server. They did a ton of things cool, by building 9 cupboards wide, with a "mansion" built in the middle.
  7. Mine is simple. Take more screenshots for my video game screenshot blog screenshotshit. I have a keyboard with the keybindings to the left of my wasd, so I can easily take a screenshot in game with just extending my pinky from the ctrl key to the screenshot key I binded. Also working out to lose my man tits, would also count as a resolution.
  8. idk man, If I shoot a wood wall with 1000 arrows, I think I might damage it enough to break in. I might need to test this theory out in my backyard.
  9. It's hard to think of some early raiding ideas that won't get exploited fast. I kinda enjoyed bow raiding, that was a fun way to get a few friends together to shoot down some wood for a chance for some early base loot.
  10. I still have bad memories of being torch raided in that small window in the game were torches did insane damage to wood.
  11. All it takes is a small gap in building priv to have everyone build up over it.
  12. Some crazy prefiring. The only way I can see him doing this legit is if he knew you were around that corner via sound, or if you shadow gave you away. Looks sketchy.
  13. Main, because that is where all the try hards play and where all the real action is at. If you can make it on main for a week, you can make it on any server.