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  1. That chest piece looks pretty good!
  2. EU low pop, still hoping on those extra player slots though.
  3. I really like the panther hoodie
  4. Most of the official servers stay full all month round with booming filled numbers towards each update
  5. You have a pretty big monthly wipe community that would adore some type of highish monthly pop (150 max) You guys should look into it, it's your guys choice of course but it has a proven demand and I think it would work great. There is currently 1 monthly wipe server.
  6. "weekly wipes" Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Any chance to make that monthly? the map size is huge! it would make such an awesome monthly
  7. 200 man EU monthly wipe or 150 man EU monthly wipe, I will.... Comp_uter you will have my babies. The referalls will be great as about 6 of my friends have signed up because of me xD The every 6 months bill will be absolutely perfect! I hate having to plan around monthly payments xD Great work on the improvements! you guys are amazing %%
  8. Wonderful, thanks a lot and I look forward to the upcoming changes!
  9. Hey, When will the results of the survey take place? will you reveal the direction in which the servers will take? it would be nice to be able to see what other parts of the community want! thanks a lot
  10. Damn Legacy
  11. They grow faster, maybe they decay faster? if they turn a different colour it means they're decaying.
  12. Great! thanks for replying!
  13. The forums are great. Easy to navigate, easy for new players to have their posts seen, different topics even for skins!
  14. That looks awesome!
  15. Right now the VIP system is great, but it can be improved. Let people toggle their VIP to different servers, in case they get bored of a server and want to split to another next wipe; This would mean that people would get the chance to use their VIP for the full month. I understand there might be trolls from this so maybe offer a cooldown of 1 week for everytime they switch their VIP? Let people change their renewal options instead of having to create a ticket. right now it seems a little complicated for new users to be able to navigate. Just some suggestions