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  1. Hey dude, submit a report at You can add specifics and it makes it easier for the admins
  2. Hey man, this is a game issue, I'm not sure on specifics but if you could press f7 and report it and explain what happens, it would be a big help to the devs
  3. This seems to be a game issue, try verify your cache, or if all else fails delete rust and reinstall, don't forget to F7 and report it to the developers too.
  4. Hey guy, submit a support ticket at
  5. That "massive clan" would be Alyenora! (posted above me) he's an extremely active player with 3 people in his group and a lot of experience!
  6. Hehe, I'm a fast typer; brilliant! I may check out the biweekly server, I will continue to bug you with my love of monthly wipes though!
  7. Wait, a monthly wipe trio server?
  8. Really love the idea of Edge and as soon as a monthly Trio server is started I will get it right away! look forward to seeing how it progresses.
  9. Hey, Tons of people are waiting on what we voted for in the survey, a lot of us wished the server would become 125 slots. Is there any news on this? so far we haven't seen anything regarding the survey and it's nearly february. Thanks
  10. That chest piece looks pretty good!
  11. EU low pop, still hoping on those extra player slots though.
  12. I really like the panther hoodie
  13. Most of the official servers stay full all month round with booming filled numbers towards each update
  14. You have a pretty big monthly wipe community that would adore some type of highish monthly pop (150 max) You guys should look into it, it's your guys choice of course but it has a proven demand and I think it would work great. There is currently 1 monthly wipe server.
  15. "weekly wipes" Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Any chance to make that monthly? the map size is huge! it would make such an awesome monthly