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  1. you got me excited, I thought Main was back up :/
  2. that might be a good sign... right?
  3. seems they don't have a plan to resolve server issues at this hour... sucks
  4. ..say it ain't so
  5. Thanks for the response TheProfessor. Looks to be down still... quite an outage :/ Any eta or details for us?
  6. Is main down? I see 13 rustafied servers, no main. Reboot, issues?
  7. Other servers are updated right? Is someone handling this while Bugs is out?
  8. I assume this means we have at least 24 more hours of a crappy server :/
  9. Yeah, I'm surprised how little info/communication there has been regarding Rustafied's total meltdown.
  10. Servers are still hating it
  11. You must already know but the servers are still jacked. Seems to be the biggest challenge in Rustafied history.
  12. Main server is jacked too
  13. Server are still jacked. Rustafied under attack?
  14. Seems like a no brainer, rollback plz.