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  1. So it is wiping today?! This is my first wipe on medium, I thought I could enjoy my build for another week... doh!!! Thanks Pie... no offense, I love me some cheesecake!
  2. Understood but this is the 1st of the 2 week wipe cycle for medium not the 2nd week, correct?
  3. This was my first wipe on medium. I was tracking medium and main populations for a while, usually medium has a higher population than main right before a wipe, especially when medium is not scheduled to wipe, but this week medium has had a lower population than main. It seems medium it unusually dead this wipe, agreed? Thoughts on why? Thank you and happy rust'n Zakx
  4. I see, inventory is a concern. Thx
  5. Thank you for the response. How much is the small fee? To avoid the fee I should cancel and rebuy VIP on the desired server?
  6. Does the new demo feature help to catch hackers?
  7. Thank you StopKillingKenny, appreciated. Can VIP memberships be transferred? I'm not requesting to do so yet, but am curious about it in case I do move to medium.
  8. Hello Newmans, I play on rustafied main (VIP) and the lag this week was pretty bad. I understand the game needs to be optimized, but I hear the lag on other servers, like rustopia, are not near as bad. I enjoy rustafied main and if there wasn't a lag issue I wouldn't be considering changing servers, but there is so I am. I am thinking of moving to rustafied medium and transferring VIP. I like the idea of enjoying my build for an extra week especially if it doesn't lag like main does. Does anyone have any experience playing on medium that can speak to the lag on that server? How about other vanilla servers, like rustopia? Thanks all and happy killing/building/surviving! -Zakx
  9. Same with me, what's the deal rustafied? FYI - I created a support ticket and Bugs resolved my issue quickly.
  10. you got me excited, I thought Main was back up :/
  11. that might be a good sign... right?
  12. seems they don't have a plan to resolve server issues at this hour... sucks
  13. ..say it ain't so
  14. Thanks for the response TheProfessor. Looks to be down still... quite an outage :/ Any eta or details for us?
  15. Is main down? I see 13 rustafied servers, no main. Reboot, issues?