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  1. Thanks for the report I will let the other moderators to look out for this guy
  2. Welcome to the forums and to Rustafied! Glad you like it already!! If youre looking for players to play with try our Recruitment section of the forums
  3. We don't announce ourselves if we are on the server unless we came on to talk, even if I ban some one I very rarely say thing afterwards. This helps us catch the hackers and also keeps immersion. If you report their names we can look them up still, it takes more effort but it can be done.
  4. If you have a name you can come into our ts and report straight to a mod or to our player report in the forums. Sadly there have been a lot more fly hackers and we have been banning them as we catch them but it helps us more when players come in and tell us whats going on. The VIP money goes towards maintaining the servers, us moderators are all volunteers.
  5. So the in game report goes straight to FacePunch so we don't see it. If you have a hacker report you can come into ts (even when no one is active) leave a message saying the name/steamprofile and server to any of the moderators and we will see it when we are available to look into it. Glad that hacker got banned though
  6. Hey, I'm moving your post to faction requirement to help your search!
  7. Ban

    Please fill out a support ticket for all ban appeals.
  8. No it will not matter, that means we moved it.
  9. Please submit a VIP support ticket and we can help you resolve this further.
  10. Please use our player report system and not the forums, just because they are Asian doesn't mean they are cheating.
  11. As the anti hack updates so does the hacking sites so the most I can personally do is if I was told who I could look into them to check for any hacking. I'm sorry your friends don't want to play anymore, hacks definitely ruin the game play and the enjoyment.
  12. If no one blew in, walked in, could it be possible that one of your members sold you out?
  13. We're there any doors left open? How tall is your base and is it possible to raid tower or boost in? How many members do you have?
  14. Please submit a support ticket here https://www.rustaforum.com/support/ and not on the public forums.
  15. If you want to appeal your ban please submit a ticket here https://www.rustaforum.com/support/ and not on the public forums