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  1. Hey Rustafied! I got another question (Whats new? x3) Whats your fav server(s)? I love Staging, its my home server but I also really love the night people on Small. So Where do you live?
  2. Hell yea!! Great work on everything, I love it all!! I think my fav is the vest out of your clan gear
  3. I'm sorry you feel this way but it was the better option then wiping the server early.
  4. Sadly with server issues they have to stay up and fix it but we also have some EU people working on it as well. So yes, they are working on it now.
  5. Im not the tech person, I personally cannot say how long it will be. I know they're trying to get it up as fast as possible.
  6. We know the server is down and everyone who can is working on fixing it. We do apologize for the inconvenience.
  7. I do NOT recommend making your own 'unofficial' discord server.... one being is you want to communicate with us, we wouldn't be on it. Two, I don't think most mods would like the idea of balancing two chatting programs with more people to help. Im only speaking for myself here but I absolutely hate discord
  8. No, you can see our staff here https://www.rustaforum.com/staff/ anyone not on this list is pretending and should be reported to us.
  9. Please send all reports to F7, teamspeak or to our player report support.
  10. Welcome to Rustafied and the forums!!
  11. Hey sorry about the inconvenience but there was an issue with the save files and had to do an early wipe.
  12. It was just a server reset. They are coming back up now
  13. Thanks Walnut I use the foot prints too but some times theyre glitchy D:
  14. Its up to bugs if he wants to make another server. Sadly you missed our poll where we had a better way to ask for this.
  15. Verify the files or yea, try re installing it. As Bugs said it could just be this resent update, I know I'm having problems since they added harbors.