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  1. Ty,just wanted to have the official response,cause last time it was the mistake,ty <3
  2. Next forced wipe is on 4'th of january, right now in server info it says the wipe is on 29'th of we'll have a 1 week wipe in between or the curent wipe will be 3 weeks like last time?
  3. Did anyone ever tell you how beautifull you are? <3 ty /close
  4. So previous wipe was 3 weeks due to forced wipe yesterday(6'th october) so naturally it was expected to be 2 weeks wipe again like before but in server info it says next wipe October 13'th which makes it a one week wipe? I just wanna let this go out there in case MAYBE someone made a mistake or something. Cause if the wipe is on 13'th,next thursday after that is 20'th + 1 more week makes it wiping on 27'th (if the next wipe is gonna be a 2 week wipe) so going from there if the wipe happens on 27'th the next Thursday after that is 3'rd of November(which also makes it a forced wipe and it was gonna be a 1 week wipe) from now on> 1 week wipe>2 week wipe>1 week wipe(ending on 3'rd of November) But if this wipe is a 2 week wipe that makes the next wipe happen on 20'th of October +2 weeks for the next wipe it goes to 3'rd of November making it also a 2 week wipe so it would be 2 week wipe + 2 week wipe = ending on 3'rd of November ----- Recap How it is now its either gonna be 1 week wipe + 2 week wipe + 1 week wipe(till the next forced wipe) OR 1 week wipe + 3 week wipe(ending also on forced wipe on first Thursday of the month) IF this current wipe lasts 2 weeks its gonna be 2 week wipe + 2 week wipe(ending also on forced wipe) ________ Wrote this in case someone was too busy doing something else and didnt calculate that properly,then again if you decided its gonna be like that based on your own reasons that are unknown to me and others ok then. <3
  5. Welcome to Rustafied. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.