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  1. two weeks ago or so the EU servers all wiped around 5pm gmt which worked perfectly for none forced wipes. How come this stopped? I know it cant be because of issues as other servers are still doing it perfectly fine
  2. Since the server went down to update on thursday nothing that came or got changed with that patch actually came or changed, Codelocks still require 400 wood, Clothes cant be crafted with skins, waterbottles cant be drank from, Barrels still drop 1 lg etc I poked PIE about this yesterday but i was told it was a issue with the game not the server, since then i have tested this on 6 other servers and they all work perfectly fine, Then someone from the staff said they need to do a wipe to fix it, Which is also not true because EUS does the same as your EU servers now, They wipe at 6 and update whenever its out, on EUS everything works. So can whoever is in charge of updating your servers take EU main offline for a few minutes and re apply the patch? its horrible not being able to drink or craft any clothes with skins for uniforms and such. Thank you