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  1. Main

    Slots stay sold out until someones VIP expires or they transfer to another server.
  2. Someone please give me an estimate?

    No way to know that, especially on forced wipes, it's whenever the devs release it. I believe normal times for CT would be between 1pm and 5pm, but again that's normal and does not count exactly for forced wipes.
  3. SOld out VIP

    You can transfer it once the other server is back in stock.
  4. Wipe time?

    You can find our server info here: https://www.rustafied.com/server/ As for the EU servers, they wipe at 5pm GMT on wipe days (except on forced wipes) ~Professor
  5. Bp wipe in January?

    BP wipe was done recently, so I would say no.
  6. VIP win

    Just got back to my computer I'll have em done in a sec
  7. VIP win

    If it doesn't work people most likely didn't put in a valid steam ID when purchasing. Or chose the wrong server. Submit a support ticket and we'll have a look. https://www.rustaforum.com/support/
  8. wipe

    Due to the 5 week month this month, the biweekly servers are getting wiped next week.
  9. BP Wipe?

    We don't know when FacePunch is going to wipe them, which is when we plan to wipe them as well, but when we do get word we'll most likely mention it in an update stream or on our website. https://www.rustafied.com/ ~Professor
  10. New Server Suggestion

    We did run a few of those types of servers a little while back, but despite so many people wanting them, they couldn't hold a population. We may revisit the idea sometime in the future but for now they remain offline.
  11. New Server Suggestion

    We have US Long and EU Long. 200 pop with a month long wipe. Bigger than that and I believe the entity count for all those players going for a month would make the server unplayable.
  12. EU Long is extremely laggy

    Hopefully we just get one update, where the entire update in the devblog simply says 'We've fixed lag issues forever." Doubtful..lol but we can dream. As for the lag issues though, we're working with the devs to help solve them, that's all we can really do, as it's the game. I know we see some players talk about lag, but for every person having lag issues, there's another who is playing just fine without any lag at all. Many cases are also simply users computers being "potatoes" as some say. And I know someone may comment "my computer is junk and works just fine." but there will also be someone else who says "I have good specs but mine won't run it at all". It's a case-by-case issue, there's no magic switch to solve it for everyone, at least not on our end of things.
  13. Advice on rules & Toxic players.

    DOA is correct. We do not help players by fixing building mistakes, getting rid of doors, etc. Even griefing is allowed, it's something you can do in the game, it doesn't break any rules. The worst that will happen is everyone in the server will dislike you and not want to play with you. Probably run you off the server if you're annoying enough. But yeah, just a learning experience for you. Sorry. I would also advise against "naming and shaming".
  14. Rust Playlist! / Val's Channel

    "Let's play catch." Ok, that got me, lol
  15. Eu low pop

    No BP's wiped, because FacePunch did not force a BP wipe.

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