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  1. Please submit a ban appeal here :
  2. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but we have low pop for a lower population with a bit larger map for the populations size and then we have small for a little bit higher population then low has but with a smaller map size.
  3. I noticed when you picked that gun up off the floor you checked your inventory only to realize it went to your hotbar. I wonder how long that'll take for everyone to get used to, and how many people will die checking their inventory due to habit.
  4. Make a City
  5. Hey, got some screenshots of Mr.Cools village! And love the art Jack lol.
  6. How adorable XD Nice Christmas to all as well
  7. Haha, you have a nice Christmas as well
  8. That sounds awesome for new players.
  9. They said in the devblog "Next patch I’ll make it so plants get a bonus from being watered and an even greater bonus from the usage of ceiling lights above them." I'm looking forward to little details like that being implemented, I know a lot of people want more pvp stuff but I like this kind of thing. They should make blueberries be able to be planted to grow a blueberry bush that lasts longer and maybe heals you a bit more since they are high in antioxidants. Mybe single square planters to place in corners for decoration or something lol. I don't know, but I agree, nice little greenhouse/hallway you got there. haha.
  10. Watch out for the rock-bears, they're sneaky! Haha.
  11. It don't scare me, bring it on. Also, first post will be about ARK, just for Grizzly. Oh, and I think I found the forums after I found Rustafieds website first, when looking up some info about blueprints when I was first researching the game to see if I wanted it or not. Or I found them when I was watching one of the update streams and it was mentioned about applications on the forum, which I then applied.
  12. I like the primitive stuff. Bows and bone armor for me. lol
  13. Christmas is almost here, so let's not forget to be kind to one another and enjoy the holidays, whatever holiday you may or may not celebrate. But let's take a moment to look to the new year that's fast approaching. What is your ideal Rust for 2017? What items/mechanics/stuff in general do you hope they add into the game? (we're not gunna list any optimizations here, we all know it needs that, lol) Me personally? I wanna see rideable horses, (Maybe be able to put paint on them?) along with weapon wielding on sed horses, and I wanna see some more PVE stuff, like raising livestock, fishing, maybe traps actually trapping things. So, what do you hope to see get put into Rust in 2017?
  14. Welcome to Rustafied!
  15. Hey, Welcome to Rustafied!