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  1. The Winner Of The Community Build Event Is: The Other HigH Village Congratulations to: Lil Uzi Ziz, BabyChew, Sir Rage, [HigH] Diabetic Raptor, and R1ChB4$s3rD Voting Results here: To everyone who participated, Thank You! Be sure to tune in to our Live Stream next week to learn about April's Community Building Event!
  2. Voting ends when the stream starts at 2pm est, that's one minute left to go!
  3. I apologize, but when you said "Built in EU Main wipe just gone." I had assumed that meant it was a previous build and you were just sharing it for the sake of community ideas. To my knowledge, we were not notified to send a moderator out to confirm the build, nor were we provided build team information or screenshots like the rules stated. I can only hope that if we decide to run the event again that you will join us in time, as that arena looked simply amazing.
  4. Vote for your favorite community project from now until March 30th, where the winners will be announced live on our Thursday update stream! The winners of this months event will receive a free month of VIP for them and their team on the server of their choice, as well as get the opportunity to play a special game mode called "Gun-Game" with Rustafied staff members. Open the spoilers below to see each groups screenshots and videos! Entry #1: DOA and his crew showing off yet another awesome bar! Credited Members: DOA, coops, drynips, and Denver Entry #2: HigH coming in with their sweet HigH Village! Credited Members: Anscrew, GhostOfDaniel, Moto, Snipe, and DeadlyAurora Entry #3: Last but not least we've got a second group being given some credit for their help on yet another amazing village built by HigH. Credited Members: Lil Uzi Ziz, BabyChew, Sir Rage, [HigH] Diabetic Raptor, and R1ChB4$s3rD Voting has ended, winners are here: Thank You to everyone who participated, join us next month for April's Community Building event!
  5. Taken care of. Thank you for your report, but please do so through the report form if you need to report someone in the future, thank you.
  6. Please use the proper method of reporting players. Thank You.
  7. StopKillingKenny is correct. You can also join our Team Speak and get in touch with a moderator there.
  8. Use our report form if you're reporting a hacker.
  9. Sounds like you've been betrayed, and that's a part of the game. Sorry, but we don't take action against that.
  10. The auth timeouts are caused by steam and there is nothing that we can do, even we sometimes get those ourselves. I believe the only thing you can do is restart steam, keep trying to connect, or just wait a while before trying again. Hope it fixes itself soon for you.
  11. It's 5:30 in the morning and I was about to go to bed and decided "I should give the forums a once-over before I go to sleep". Glad I did! Place looks awesome, a battle-torn gated-community in rust is perfect haha. Glad you had fun with it, consider your build verified! If you would kindly Private Message me your steam link, along with anyone who was on your build team (up to a total of 5 in all, this total includes yourself) I will log it away as your entry. Good Luck! ~Professor
  12. The thing about the seemingly random wipes that players complain the most about, because we don't inform them beforehand, is that we don't know beforehand either. Whether there's an exploit, a bug, or a corrupted save, whatever the case may be, we do all that we can to not wipe the server before it's time. In the case of corrupted saves I believe a wipe is the only fix, as with any game, if your save's corrupted you're done, time to hit "Start New Game". As I've said, we do everything we can to not wipe the servers early but sometimes it's necessary. It's not like the game itself comes alive and goes "Hey Rustafied staff, I'm going to corrupt myself in 30 minutes, give your players a heads up." Lol That'd be a nice world, but it ain't the one we live in. If something does come up, and we need to wipe the server early, and we learn of it beforehand, AND the server is still able to function, then we will tell the players, most likely on twitter, an announcement on the forums, or probably even in-game. I'll leave you with this. We do play on our own servers, and early wipes make us just as angry as any other player. When we aren't moderating, and aren't dealing with real life, we're probably out there somewhere, playing alongside you guys, and our stuff gets wiped right alongside yours in these unfortunate circumstances. Good Luck out there, and may the next unseen wipe never come. ~Professor
  13. If you're reporting a player please do so via the Player Report form.
  14. Glad you worked it out!
  15. Are you sure you don't have chat turned off in your settings? This is not a currently known issue to us at this time.