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    Hey there Neptune, There's a good chance AU will follow along with the US and EU servers on what servers will eventually get opened up, but an ETA on such things is too hard to tell. Keep an eye on our twitter and weekly live stream for any future server openings that we may have. And thanks for the input! ~Professor
  2. Nothing is being done to stop hackers on rustafied EU Odd

    Please use our report system for player reports and not the forums. http://bans.rustafied.com/report
  3. Rustafied Odd Hacker

    Please use the report form to report players. http://bans.rustafied.com/report
  4. Need help

    Your forum account says you have VIP. If you have any questions about it processing correctly please submit a support ticket. https://www.rustaforum.com/support/
  5. Timed out:(

    This is unfortunately a known issue with the game which happens when the server approaches 500 people total (including queue). Your best bet is to restart steam and try again - it normally resolves itself within 15 minutes or so but can take longer. It dies down when the number of simultaneous connections decreases later in the day. We can't do anything about it, even FacePunch themselves have a post about the issue. http://jira.facepunch.com/browse/RUST-1573
  6. VIP switch

    Hello Scruffy. You must use a transfer request via support ticket. https://www.rustaforum.com/support/
  7. And June's winner is...

    ST7 Congratulations to: Justin, Luca, Waifu Collector-sama, Stevecarellfan93, and Dugup! Voting Results here: https://www.rustaforum.com/topic/4354-vote-here-st7-vs-infamy-castle-build To everyone who participated, Thank You!
  8. Community Building Event, June'17 Edition!

    Voting has begun! Follow the link to cast your votes! https://www.rustaforum.com/topic/4354-vote-here-st7-vs-infamy-castle-build/
  9. Vote for your favorite castle from now until July 6th where the winners will be announced live on our Thursday update stream! The winning team for this month will receive a free month of VIP for the server of their choice. The leader of the winning team will also receive a $20.00 Steam Gift Card. As a bonus prize, the winning team will have the chance to play a special game mode called "Gun-Game" with Rustafied staff at a later date. Open the spoilers below to view the entries. Entry #1: ST7 Entry #2: Infamy See the winners here: https://www.rustaforum.com/topic/4402-and-junes-winner-is
  10. Community Building Event, June'17 Edition!

    @Ganji Castle verified! Good luck!
  11. Community Building Event, June'17 Edition!

    Your castle is verified! Good luck!
  12. Insta-Perma-Banned for Toxicity.

    Any appeals should be sent through the support ticket system.
  13. support ticket help

    You go to your support requests and reply, unless it's been closed, then you could open a new one if you feel it's necessary.
  14. Hello, and welcome to the June Edition of Rustafied's community building event! In April we saw Zunneh's group take the win with their "Hobo Horizons". It was even featured in FacePunch's community update! (check the link below) This month's theme is, you guessed it...Castles. That's right, we're taking a turn from builds that let every Tom, Dick, and Jane come waltzing in, to a community build that players will say... "Sure, we can't enter the castle, but it looks really awesome looming in the distance." So get your gatherers gathering, it's time to build some castles! Who to talk to for signing up? You can join our teamspeak at: ts.rustafied.com and ask for Shadow, Tower, or TheProfessor or you may private message us on the forums here: Shadow /// Tower /// TheProfessor Rules and Prizes in spoiler below. Ends 6/29 Hobo Horizons in FacePunch's community update: http://rust.facepunch.com/blog/community-update-135/
  15. End subscription

    We have instructions here: https://www.rustaforum.com/faq/vip/billing/how-do-i-cancel-my-vip-r14/ Or you can submit a ticket stating such.

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