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  1. Yes, we are having some server connectivity issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Yeah, I believe it's just due to the build right now. Hopefully they fix it in the next update.
  3. Because it's Odd...? Haha, it's in the name If there's a more specific reason someone more involved on the server side of things can chime in
  4. Hello Nasty-Birt, you can use Rustangelo. I believe they have a website and a steam mod page.
  5. Sounds like something they should submit a support ticket for so that we can investigate it. @Bobskiddle They can do that here:
  6. Hoppel is correct. Europass gets you access to all EU servers, regardless of them being sold out individually or not. ~Professor
  7. I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time getting into the server of your choice. VIP becomes available as players cancel or fail to renew their subscription. You'll just have to wait and keep an eye on the store, and also be lucky. Good Luck! ~Professor
  8. Are you reporting them to us? Through
  9. Our Toxic Behavior rules listed here state that "Aggressive behavior is a part of normal gameplay in Rust, toxic behavior is when this crosses the line into actions that go above and beyond. A prime example of this would be repeatedly using racial slurs in chat." If someone is being toxic, report them here and we will look into them.
  10. Hello there crossmr, Did you try resizing your page to get the scroll bar to fit? Or using a different browser? Regardless, I will look into it and see if anything is amiss. Thanks for letting us know, and have a great day/night! ~Professor
  11. Please submit a support ticket and we will look into it for you. You may do so here:
  12. I know one mod who will love that skin lol I'm sure she'll see it later. Let's wait and see Looks like gift-wrapped candles to me haha. "Here you go, have a sniff...BOOM!"
  13. Rust is having Technical Difficulties, they are working on a fix.
  14. You've submitted a ticket already and the moderator who dealt with the ban will reply as soon as possible.
  15. Welcome to the forum Deth100!