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  1. Because the monthly wipe is coming.
  2. Aight thanks
  3. "I love Dos", "Ristdie" these two people seemed like using hacks using the same gun and the recorded video is on a website called "Afreeca Tv" which is a legit Korean streaming website. I was told by a moderator to submit a ticket on Rustafied forum. I hope the admins can figure it out by watching this video. At around 3:00/6:51hrs these two people starts to kill every one of us headshots only when we can't even see them. Everyone on chat is only pointing at one person "I love Dos" but "Ristdie" was also killing half the unit. Link down below: http://live.afreecatv.com:8079/app/index.cgi?szType=read_ucc_bbs&szBjId=didwnsj&nStationNo=15755920&nBbsNo=17387903&nTitleNo=36122207&szSkin= (Total length of the video is 6 hours and 51 minutes and 6 seconds) Managed to find one of their profile link: "RistDie" (Changed his nickname to "YOU GAY GOD") profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151810294