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  1. Would we be pasting our application here? And how do we contact you on steam or TS? I don't see the information here. Also, how big is your group?
  2. Topic says it all. I think I'd/we'd like to know as our progress/work today might be undone if it's going to be wiped again later.
  3. Finally nabbed a VIP slot because I thought to refresh the page while I was at work! Neat. However, I do think for other users who want a VIP slot but can't refresh at work or whatever would want a wait list option. Thanks!
  4. Hey Comp_uter15776 - thanks for the quick reply. I've been refreshing the VIP page ever since they first went out of stock and I haven't seen the buttons light up since then. Is there a usual time you add the slots? I don't see any buttons to notify me once VIP slots are available, nor any "sign up on waitlist" options so I am seeking routes to obtain a VIP slot. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I read a few posts from the administrators here and there that VIP slots might be coming in "soon" or "in the future" and I read those a few weeks ago in April. I can't find the posts right now but I was wondering if there are any concrete plans on adding VIP slots back since the May 5 wipe is coming up today. Thanks!
  6. This is still happening... so frustrating. I used to love playing Savas but after it started happening half a year ago it's not fun anymore.