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  1. If you have think someone might be abusing their powers,posting on the forums about it is not how you solve a problem like that. Please submit a complaint via the support tab here, or send an email to rustafied@gmail.com We will not discuss these matters in this post, but I can assure you we do not ever aid players in anything on the servers, and if we find out someone did, we will indeed take it very seriously. But these things should be discussed in private so we can find out who it involves, our public forum is not the place for it. Thanks, LetsHavePie
  2. Merry Christmas That was a pretty good video, keep em coming!
  3. Comp is a good nurse
  4. Oh no It's not only for Legacy, if it was,I would have mentioned it. I just wanted to see if someone would bring it up. And lol, DOA, whyyyy
  5. I had Legacy in mind when I created this post, and that's a really great response, Bill. I sadly never got to experience Legacy, it was if you will, before my time. But when I started playing, back when ladderblockers were a thing, my favourite thing to do was to run around the ouside walls and scream at people.
  6. I wanna know what you enjoy doing the most in rust, are you the den-mother, are you defender, are you the builder? Would you rather run around with a gun and kill people? Maybe you play to be social? Tell me what you enjoy the most about this game we all spend so much time on.
  7. åååååååååååååå, barely ever use that button when I type anyway.
  8. Hey, another way to report a hacker is to use the ''player report'' option in the support tab here on the forums, we seethose reports come in and we look into them when we have time. It's also a great way to submit any proof you may have and to add your own comments. Regards LetsHavePie
  9. Hey! Please submit a ban appeal using the support tab on the page, choose support request and new ticket and fill out the information, thanks! Regards LetsHavePie
  10. Hi! Rustafied is a vanilla server, which means the moderators do not interfere with game play at all if we can prevent it. If you placed a wall the wrong way, at the wrong place, or even upside down, we will not be able to help you with this as this is a part of the game. In the future I would recomend you make a plan wall by wall and stick to it, so you never place a wall wrong again. kind regards, LetsHavePie
  11. The update wasn't out yet when the server was wiped, the server was wiped because Europe is in a different timezone, and a lot of europeans are asleep when the update is ready to go. It wipes early so that people have a chance to get a good start, even if they have work or school in the morning, even if the update is late. We don't control when the updates come out.
  12. They are working on a new system that will replace XP, when that system (the component system) launches, all items will be unlocked, and you will have to search for materials to craft everything you need. This means XP will be gone, so no, It's not gonna wipe.
  13. Since they are working towards getting the component system out in November, I don't think they will be wiping XP now, only to launch a completely new system next week As for low pop, if they do launch the Component system next week, that will be something completely new.
  14. Those weren't very cool admins D:
  15. I want to know what your proudest moment in rust ever was, please share your greatest story of a time you were victorious. Were you with your friends, or were you a lone wolf that came out on top? Was it a huge online heist with tons of resistance where you against all odds, came out victorious with all the juicy loot? Was it the most amazing base design that you have ever managed to create? Or did you out run a bear? Share your most amazing rust stories with me!