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  1. Hi! If you are playing on the EU servers, they wipe at 5pm BST. If you're playing on the US servers, they wipe when the update hits, which, we never really know when the update comes out. But It's usually between 3 and 5pm EST. Hope this clears it up a little bit.
  2. Hi Please submit a support ticket so the VIP support team can look into this for you!
  3. Hi We don't use discord as we find it doesn't really work for us, we do however have a TS3 server you can connect to with this address: ts.rustafied.com
  4. I'm not sure which server you are referring to? No server can go over a month without a wipe because FacePunch (the devs) force a wipe on the first Thursday every month. So, at that point, every server (ever) for Rust must wipe. Edit: If you're wanting the longest time between wipes then if you're not already on it, try out the Low Pop server since that has a monthly wipe
  5. It was always set for today The server description always lists the next planned wipe date and time. Since Apr 6th is the first Thursday of the month, normally any wipe schedule goes out the window, be it on EU Odd, US Low Pop, or US Medium. However, because FacePunch have not gone for an update this week and have delayed it, this causes a predicament. All servers would have been forced to wipe and then they can get on with their schedules afterwards as standard. Instead, it's now up to the server owners to decide whether they wipe as they would have done, or wait a week in case FP drop the forced update then. For a bit of background on the forced updates, these are caused when FP merges builds that cause incompatibilities between the old and new version of client or server. So, if servers did not update then clients who also did not update could play, but players who updated could not play. Similarly if the server did update, then the players who updated could play but instead those that didn't update could not. Hope that makes sense Welcome to Medium though, it's definitely a great action packed server!
  6. Yes its last wipe was March 30th. This would put it on track to next be wiped April 13th, however FP normally force a wipe at the first Thursday of each month - in this case April 6th. As it happens, they have diverted from this schedule for today due to instabilities from the latest Unity version. This has caused some confusion but to minimise disruption the wipes are still set to go ahead (at 3PM EST). I think ultimately the confusing 5-week month of March and then FP's curveball today has meant that people aren't too sure of the wipes so move about more. You can see some stats here though: https://www.rustmonitor.com/servers/rustafied-medium
  7. Medium is on a two week schedule, Main is a weekly schedule. So, the population count continues to be lower through the second week that Medium runs for.
  8. http://www.rustafied.com/updates/2017/4/6/forced-wipe-incoming should have the information
  9. Hello, All progress is erased yes. You can think of this as starting a brand new slate where everyone is on the same level again. Depending on your server this happens at different times; with the exception of the forced wipe on the first Thursday of every month. This is typically when FP make big changes that require every server to update. However, that said, this month FP has encountered some issues as this month's planned update is particularly big and there are still bugs to be worked out. So, they're pushing it back by a week. You can see the official tweet here:
  10. I think Helk planned on operating a casino... roulette wheel springs to mind!
  11. Hello, please submit a ban appeal at https://www.rustafied.com/support
  12. This is not the right place for this, please submit a ban appeal using the support tab on the top of the page, thank you.
  13. Oh my god, my artistry mind just had like, the awesomest mindgasm ever.
  14. Hello, it should be fixed now. If It's still not working please submit a support ticket using the support tab here on the forums and we'll look into it for you Kind regards, LetsHavePie
  15. My eyes are gorgeous