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  1. After searching far and wide for the perfect server for the "small group" rust players and never finding a server that's pop actually stays long enough because the server is unknown, I decided to share a few ideas and think rustafied could attract a whole new player base with the addition of something similar. 1. Server that only allowed 1-4 players per group 2. Weekly Wipes 3. This could be regulated by only allowing 4 separate players to have access to one code lock, although admins would have to observe some groups, this would make it a bigger hassle to break rules and decrease the amount of observing for admins. 4. Possibly decreasing the drop of semi bodies by 25-50% to increase the use of weapons such as crossbows and revolvers rather than everyone running with p2s quickly. (Would help players who had recently joined have a little bit more of a fighting chance to start out so the population doesn't die out) This is just a few simple ideas that I think could help appeal to a new player base. Not sure if it has been suggested before, but I HIGHLY suggest you consider implementing some type of server to appeal to the solo/small group players, as you are one of the only server providers who could actually make a perfect server a reality. Thanks for reading, Forsaken