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  1. Months to come.

  2. Painting Signs on Rust is hard

    Rustangelo should still work.
  3. Does anyone like the BP system?

    How does 1 TC per building sound (or vast resource upkeep requirements if you're building a large structure... something like... a bar, for example)
  4. Does anyone like the BP system?

    Building 3.0 is going to turn your worlds upside down again lol
  5. New low pop server suggestion

    Yes 4K is currently the standard map size, as well as our standard - our Small/Odd Jr. servers are 3K, and Odd is 5K.
  6. New low pop server suggestion

    As a note, this is basically what our Long server lineup is lol. 200 pop, 4K map, monthly wipes.
  7. Base stuck in ground

    Hello, Currently there are no plans to wipe the servers again since they were so recently done to flush the maps from the procgen issues. I know it's frustrating when everything was chaotic with the lag that was induced, however given this occurred so early in the wipe, we feel it should be feasible to recover. Additionally, the performance issues have been resolved after a hardware failure in the datacenter was identified and mitigated. A more complete post-mortem will be available on http://www.rustafied.com shortly.
  8. Base stuck in ground

    http://rustafied.com was (and is) updated with the information. However, I'm sure you'll understand that we'd rather commit as many resources to resolving issues and this means sometimes information is not broadcast realtime. A post mortem will soon be added to the site which covers the situation in more depth.
  9. EU Long? confused....

    The most dedicated players are allowed to get a minor headstart. This has been the case across just about all our servers however.
  10. Announcing: Charitable Rust 2017!

  11. Blueprints 3.0: Progression redefined

    It is on the roadmap to have higher tier players with the milspec weapons away from the starters and low/mid tier weaponry, possibly via some north/south divide in loot quality. That should probably help you out because then the odds would be evened out a little.
  12. Perks, Traps and explosives?

    Even just "skills" would be good, where you become marginally more proficient at certain tasks (crafting? running? farming?) and can only be learned over time, further incentivising people staying on the server. Especially if they persisted after death too.
  13. http://steamcharts.com/app/252490 Refer to this if such folk cast aspersions in future - sure looks like an upwards trend for me. I think people like to just complain and don't like change (even when it's for the better).
  14. When BP3 first hit the overall player count reached over 40,000 - for the first time in a while. I think it's still in about the top 15 most active playerbase according to Steam.
  15. Rustafied Gift Cards

    I've since modified the menu on the navbar to include a dropdown with Buy/Redeem.

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