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  1. You should submit an appeal to
  2. While Rustafied used to release bans preformatted it's just not feasible now with the number of bans daily we make. That said, it's not too difficult to automatically insert banid before every field if you wanted.
  3. And you would be correct, but as a US organisation it also has US staff
  4. Hello, Sorry for the confusion. Due to the fact that the USA entered daylight savings time this caused the restart to be an hour earlier than normal.
  5. Hello, If you submit a ticket to you can get this resolved. Kind Regards, Comp_uter15776
  6. This is the wrong place for this. If you wish to appeal, you may do so at
  7. Welcome! We hope to see you around often
  8. These are so cool, I want to see more!
  9. It ends next week; you can find the details if you haven't here:
  10. They were refunded, but it is policy that Rustafied does not display the given evidence - VIP does not grant somebody immunity nor favourability (lest accusations of admin abuse and pay2win complaints arise); the purchase is simply to bypass the server queues. If any appeal is successful they will be unbanned.
  11. The EU servers are based in Germany; as Pie alluded to the lag from the game being unoptimised is seen most with more players on; that's just the nature of servers in any game really.
  12. Signup has ended for the soft launch now - thanks to everyone for their support!
  13. The fee is $2 and is designed to prevent abuse from people who continuously kept swapping (which is a manual task) instead of making use of our Europass/Platinum offerings. If the server is available go for it though Although obviously a cancelled slot can't be transferred if it's out of stock!
  14. Be sure to submit it into the Build-a-thon if you haven't already
  15. Not right now; the server will only be able to be accessed with an Edge subscription. I've also got word that invites at the previous link are now able to be submitted again