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  1. Hi, We're currently investigating the root of these problems on EU Medium II and are working with the devs to resolve it.
  2. Hello, Please submit a ticket to and you'll get assistance there.
  3. RIP radsuit guy!
  4. We have many reasons why we wouldn't do this and any warnings made are behind the scenes instead of in public chat. If we don't ban the others it's mostly due to determining that the other players were not aware of the offending player's hacking.
  5. This is part of our vanilla experience, we let you have the fun of tearing it down and taking the goodies inside.
  6. No, we do not return or spawn in new items that you have lost, nor do we rebuild your base, even if you personally reported the player. We stay as vanilla as possible which includes the aforementioned.
  7. This would be mostly due to us not seeing any reason to ban them or that we couldn't get enough evidence to ban them. If you do obtain new, conclusive proof, please feel free to send it to any available moderator who will proceed to look into it. Unfortunately, status updates cannot be provided at any point when investigating players.
  8. Whether it’s via TeamSpeak (, or if you have a mod added on steam, there’s many places to ask for help. The best way to report players (i.e. hacker(s), overly toxic player(s) and so forth) is to tell the mod directly: Who, Where, and What. Who: the player's name and or profile link, Where: the current server they are on, and What: the person is doing By doing this it saves the moderator time to go do their job; or if they are away they can see who needs to be looked into by seeing their pokes or messages. The same basic concept works for general help, just message the mod what’s going on and on some occasions leave your steam ID if you need them to get back to you.
  9. Hi, I've moved this to Technical Support - you might get more responses here 600MHz RAM sounds incredibly slow though - are you on DDR2, or a very very early DDR3? You could probably see a benefit from upgrading but listing your specs might be useful. For example, if you're on DDR2 then the rest of your system won't be much better either Also yes, SSDs are the best single-component upgrade you can bring to a PC.
  10. Hi, your friend would have to submit a ticket at
  11. As above, we tend to find "griefing" as a misnomer here - if someone is able to "grief" your base, it means they got TC access (unless you had no TC in which case that's a life lesson). By extension, if they takeover the TC, it's now effectively theirs. As a result they can do as they wish. Sorry you seem to have got the tough end of a raid; but life goes on and next time you can take what you've learned and build an even more secure base
  12. Hello, This is normal procedure for our all our servers. They automatically restart at low traffic times to keep performance at its highest.
  13. I had to share this masterpiece by CM Gaming looking at some of the highlights from the Rustafied vending machines littered around the map. Even your bar makes an appearance, @DOA!
  14. If you're brand new, you might be interested in the new Edge instructionals: More are getting released soon too
  15. No worries, good luck!