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  1. The upcoming patch will change the game for height building strategies (which are most of the strats illustrated in the community guide #3). Stay tuned for community guide #4, in order to make your base Ladder proof.

  2. If I may add, If you want to be happy playing Rust you need to detach yourself from your possession a little bit. You have to agree that your shit will be wiped and fucked with. The game is still in early development and some build are just not stable enough. It's hard for the server to run smoothly, if the build is not stable, to last a week stress test of 200 players building entities everywhere. As Bill said, the low pop server is barely ever wiped so it would probably be the better option. As of Rustafied main, it's wiped often to ensure the best performance ever on peek hours/day. Meaning that if it was wiped on Tuesday and update Thursday cause the server to be unstable there's a huge chance that it will be wiped on Friday to ensure smooth gameplay during the week-end. Everybody that plays on Rustafied main knows that and are ready to make that compromise. People that like to trade performance for longer time between wipes go Low Pop. You've got all the tools in your bag just choose the one that makes you feel better. As of Hapis Island, I wouldn't rush there so quickly if you don't like wipes. Cause there's a huge chance that it will be wiped often if players like me (Yeh I want to play it) move to this server instead of main. Just my two cent, Have fun and see you I-G.
  3. I remember that Nazi base Admin Raid back in January. I felt like an Allied Soldier. Just an off Topic Reminising, keep going
  4. It decays in any type of environnement with any type of materials. Twigs, since it's 5 hp will dissapear quicker. I would recommend rebuilding and upgrading your foundation to wood even if melee is impossible underwater. Cheers and Happy Building.
  5. Borderline xenophobic, Sorry pal, but you don't get my vote on this one.
  6. On peek hours, you need to try and connect numerous time in order to get in. Make sure to Refresh the Server page often. Since there's no queue system yet, you have to spam connect. Try connecting if it doesn't connect you after 5 second, Cancel, Refresh and Retry.
  7. I do not believe that the Map seeds have anything to do with the loot table. It's pure RNG. Lucky enough that you found all your gun blueprint on one seed. It all works with a drop rate percentage on barrels and crates.(May vary from zone to zone, Ie: Rad town) So the map seeds generates a different number of barrels depending on the size of the seed. But the drop rates are the same. Unless they changed the system recently, and I don't think they did since they believe to have found the perfect balance for now. It doesn't seem to be an issue. Now that the Research table item is in, I don't believe they will work on the drop rates for a while. I think their primary focus is Hapis Island and stabilizing the game by correcting the tree generation algorithm that seems to be demanding as fuck performance wise according to the last devblog update. Still lots of work to be done, but I like where it's going so far. The game have improved drastically in the past months. Cheers
  8. Great post. A decay system would definetly help in the future. Unfortunatly, not now. Since the servers have to force wipe because of certain updates it removes the value of a decay system for now. Although, it's a needed addition and you have my full support. +1 for you dear sir.
  9. COMMUNITY GUIDE #3 IS GETTING UPDATED! Thanks for all the views. See you I-G. 

  10. Jack Aegis checkin' in! Thanks for the 2k views on the Community guide#3 :)

    1. Jithvan


      Welcome aboard Jack xD

    2. BILL!


      Good to see your still alive sir o7

  11. Community Guide #3 is out! check it out!

    1. SourceDogma


      Some interesting techniques - Love the FU of base design.

    2. Jack_Aegis


      Haha! Yeah I'm lovin' it too. Thanks for the support :)

  12. Community Guide #1 and 2 are now Updated 1178. Guide #3 to be released soon.

  13. I kinda agree with Camel Toad. I have the same pattern.
  14. Damn Mac! That set up is the bomb!
  15. Great text man! Always a pleasure to play with you. See you I-G.