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  1. Welcome to the community! Yeah, Rust can be pretty addictive especially when you first start playing. I spent countless hours on the first week of my Rust experience.
  2. sup

    Welcome to the community Walnuts! Yeah, bears in rust can be a bit annoying at times - especially when they clip through your house! I hope to see you around also!
  3. You're going to get a better response submitting the appeal through the support ticket system here: www.rustaforum.com/support
  4. I assume you've already reinstalled (or verified game cache), right?
  5. Well a lot of new players come join Rustafied because it's player count and official status, imagine a new player (with a good background of FPS games) comes and does well at only 1 hour of gameplay. This doesn't prove he's hacking.
  6. Are you using a non-genuine copy of Windows?
  7. You'll get a better/quicker response if you submit this issue through the support ticket system, here: http://www.rustaforum.com/support/
  8. There are constant ban waves, there is a likely chance that group (if they are hackers) will be in that ban wave. To speed up the process or maybe increase the chance of them getting banned, submit a report on Rustafied: http://www.rustaforum.com/support/ It's unfortunate that hackers are such a problem, especially recently.
  9. Bugs said the following: I will consider making more Low Pop VIP available in the next week or two. So stay tuned and you'll be able to get VIP for Low Pop possibly in the near future,
  10. I am not a developer, but from my understanding this is one of the flaws with the Unity engine. So much of the data is given to the client. I do agree hackers are ruining the game and they're a real problem, but this has always been in the history of Rust. New forms of detection are released and thousands of these hackers are discovered and banned in waves. The facepunch staff & EAC are working hard to mitigate all these hackers, but there will always be some hackers. Let's hope as Rust comes close to Beta we'll see a better detection system & accuracy, because right now finding hackers are heavily reliant on mods/admins on the server you're playing on unfortunately. If you ever find a hacker you can submit your report here: http://www.rustaforum.com/support.
  11. The queue has been pretty rough lately, it's pretty insane even the low population server is having a long queue time carrying on into the weekend.
  12. Is the next Main Rustafied server seed planning for the wipe tomorrow? If so, do we get to know what the seed will be?