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  1. no pants! evar!
  2. one man one... candle?
  3. if one of your friends are connected to the server just have them view the port from the F1 window.
  4. This has a lot of the information that you're looking for. If you don't have admin rights you will have to restart the server and/or enter the "ownerid 765xxxxxx" into the actual cmd prompt that is running the rust server.
  5. They still beat each other with rocks XD
  6. This is because the forum is on a different domain. so linking it directly at the top like that isn't exactly good webpage etiquette or something like that
  7. I really like the bottom right image that Gabriel posted.
  8. I like cocheez's draft it has a lot of potential. The kings sword for reign of kings is awesome. Perhaps have the crown hanging off of the K and maybe an incorporated Throne?
  9. I'll be able to chip in in the afternoon and event time.
  10. Cody have you tried opting into the developmental branch on steam? Right couch on the game and click properties. Then betas then select developmental.
  11. No it's not. It renders in a square grid but most are vastly different. Check out to check out some generated maps
  12. Hello Rustafarians! We have been seeing some really great builds around the server and we would like to start getting your pictures and showcase your work!!! Please post below with screenshots and a brief description. If you would like me to come by and do some flying shots I would be welcome to do that. This first one was done by EnchantedNipple and is entitled "The Great Wall of Mandi" with a description as such "Here is the Great Wall of Mandi. It spans just south of the Great Forust, heading east from there it then goes above the cave on the center of the map, and continues on to connect to the bottom of the Rusty Mountain Range."
  13. There is a glitch on where stacked boxes will fly away. the base box will remain however the stacked boxes will disappear forever.
  14. This would be sweet. SpaceEngineers is making a new game for medieval era
  15. Hello all! please post pics of your spectacular builds and as we begin to become more and more stable we can start adding your Monuments to our map. Please post screenshots and map locations so we can come visit . This might be something for when the server becomes more stable and we can go a month or two without wiping but I really want to see your guys's builds. I know DuckDew will be considered since he consistently builds a church!