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  1. I am on vacation. Nevertheless, it is update day, so here is a brief list of what's coming in this week. Item skins can now be changed at a repair bench Scrap has a worldmodel Roadsign Armor reworked The Shotgun Trap also takes +1 gear The Shotgun Trap loses 50% health when picked up Water jug sounds were added Roadsign Armor - Rear Roadsign Armor - Front Roadsign Armor - Side Roadsign Armor - Side New Shotgun Trap Costs Scrap Worldmodels View the full article
  2. I got banned for toxic behavior and it hasnt happend on any other servers Before it was just someone being toxic against me and we were arguing on a toxic behavior on each other but i wanna get unbanned and i promise it wont happend again.

  3. 12:25am EST - Update day is upon us and we’ve got a new form of base defense, some tweaks to building and decay, along with some miscellaneous fixes. Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST. @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... Shotgun Trap Added A new form of base defense has arrived! A low tier turret. The Shotgun Trap can be placed on foundations, walls, and ceilings - but not the ground. If only fires handmade shells, but can hold a total of 384 rounds and bolsters a fire rate of 1 shot per second. Similar to the flame turret, authorization is based on the nearest cupboard and unauthorized people will be fired upon repeatedly when in range. Although the range is a couple meters, you'll want to place these as close to potential ingress points to deal maximum damage. Unlike turrets, the Shotgun Trap does not swivel in any direction. They can, however, be placed on walls and even ceilings, so you’ll be able to exercise a bit more creativity when planning your defense. It has a health of 200 and can be destroyed in about 18 swings of a metal hatchet (or 40 shots with an AK). You can also repair it and pick it up. Cost 1000 wood 250 frags 1 rope 1 gear Ammo Used Handmade Shells Total Capacity 384 rounds Craft time 30 seconds Health 200 Floor grills above large furnaces Some fresh possibilities with furnace bases are opening up this week as floor grills may now be placed above large furnaces. Although this would be more ideal if triangle frames and grills existed, it will at least allow you to prevent nakeds from building over your walls and stealing your furnace loot. Keep in mind, it only takes 1 C4 to get through a floor grill. But hey, some protection is better than none! Floor spikes block foundation placement A new way to block twig raid towers is here - albeit pretty inefficient. Andre has made it so Wooden Floor Spikes block foundation building, meaning they’ll need to be destroyed prior to starting that raid tower. Unfortunately for base owners, they only take a couple hatchet swings to destroy, so you’re probably better off just using Wooden Spikes. Twig decay You should be seeing less random twig structures around after this update as Andre has applied decay to all twig building blocks (as opposed to just foundations). Higher tiers still only have decay on foundations. He’s also moved the processing of decay to a central building manager, which should make the whole process more efficient by getting rid of randomized invokes. Entity leak There has been an issue causing an extra 25-35k entities on certain (higher pop) servers. Although the performance impact of this was probably minimal, it did cause some issues with prefabs not being correctly destroyed - like when items would combine or animals ate dropped food. This has now been fixed. Animals have a better chance of eating dropped food if they are chasing you. Keep in mind, not all animals will eat dropped food if in pursuit as they only do that if they are hungry. Classic theme soon to be back Alex is in the process of bringing back the classic musical theme to Rust. Although he told me it probably won’t make it in this week, it’ll likely be ready by next week's update. Server crashes Server stability has been below par the past week or two. Consoles freeze and servers simply stop responding until manually restarted. This is an issue with all servers - although seemingly more common with higher populations. We’re working with the developers to get them the logs and save files needed to track this down. Unfortunately, the cause issue of this issue is still unknown as of now. Other stuff Fixed riot helmet radiation protection Fixed insane planter leak Progress on the Hapis improvements (not live till June 1st at the earliest) Progress on the new Rocket Factory dungeon (also June 1st at the earliest) Fixed a NRE when checking banned server ips Some tweaks to GamePhysics (hopefully to improve performance) US Odd launching Monday Due to the high demand of our Monday wipe server in the EU (Odd), we’ve decided to launch a similar server for our US audience. Launching this Monday (May 22nd), US Odd will wipe every week on Monday at 5pm EST (and with forced wipes). This Vanilla server will feature a 200 population count and 5k map. Keep an eye out on the official list Monday to join. View the full article
  4. It’s a fresh week for Rust development and the team is working on some shifts to decay, bug fixes, and continuing work on dungeons. Let’s get into it... Decay for all twig Complementing the recent changes to building placement, Andre has tweaked how decay works. All twig building blocks (not just foundations) will now have decay applied to them. High tiers (wood and above) still only have decay on foundations. With this change, Andre has moved the processing of decay to a central building manager. This removes semi-randomized invokes, making it more efficient and hopefully improving performance. Hapis fix Since the update last week, if you run a Hapis map server, you’ve probably noticed your console getting spammed with ‘look rotation viewing vector is zero’. Thankfully, Andre has fixed this issue. Dungeon art Vince and Damian continue their progress on the dungeon art branch. Adding several greyboxes for office building interiors, they are working to get the new Rocket Factory dungeon ready. No word yet if this will be in game by the next forced wipe (June 1st), but I’ve got my fingers crossed it will be! Hapis improvements Petur keeps trucking along on his Hapis map improvements. This weeks focus is on improving the river area’s. No updated visuals yet, but hopefully we’ll see more as we approach the end of the month. Other stuff Garry has fixed a NRE when checking banned server ips Some tweaks to GamePhysics (hopefully to improve performance) Models/textures/gibs/etc for dropbox version 2 (doesn’t appear to be in yet). View the full article
  5. 1:20am EST - Update day is upon us and we’ve got a bunch of balance and a new way to communicate with your neighbors. Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST - tune in early for some fresh wipe action from our new EU Edge server. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... Mailbox added Helk has added a new way to communicate in the game: Mailboxes. These craftable items may be placed across the terrain. Those passing by (or raiding) may drop a note in the mailbox. Only those authorized on the cupboard are able to see the notes which have been left. They also give a nifty notification when new mail is present (the red tab on the side goes up). Here are some pictures and details: Cost 100 wood 25 metal frags Craft time 30 seconds Code locks on cupboards After some serious buffs to raiding last week, we’re seeing some balance swing back in the direction of defenders with this patch. Mainly, the tool cupboard can now have a code lock placed on it. Also, the cupboards protection has been increased to match the wooden door. Not only does this secure your cupboard from random unwanted access, it makes griefing more expensive for raiders. No longer will they be able to just clear access and re-auth - they now must destroy a locked cupboard entirely. This also revitalizes the importance of external cupboards. When placed properly, external cupboards should take priority if the main cupboard is destroyed. This’ll make it even more difficult for raiders to permanently grief your base - even if they do steal all the loot. Fire rate changes Helk has fixed an issue with semi auto guns whereas they weren’t firing as fast as they should in certain instances. With this, he’s reduced the fire rate of the Semi Auto Rifle, Semi Auto Pisto (P250), and revolver. As Helk explained to me, these changes do not necessarily nerf the fire rate of these 3 guns. Rather, they help prevent against scripts and binds which allowed for clips to be emptied in a mere second. Long and short: normal players shouldn’t feel much change; if anything, these guns should be more responsive to mouse clicks. Scripters and people with special binds (mousewheel up = fire), however, won’t be so happy after this update. Hammers pick up ladders (and more) Andre has improved the pick-up-ability of hammers this week. Most notable: ladders can now be picked up with your hammer equipped (if building is privileged). Beyond that, window bars, embrasures, and shutters can also be picked up with a hammer. Spear buff Early game fans rejoice this week as the spear has been buffed. Not only has the attack rate been slightly increased, the duration between click and attack has been significantly reduced. To top it off, the range of the spear attack has been increased. Crossbow changes The crossbow has also received a slight buff. The reload time has been reduced by 0.8 of a second. On top of that, the scope alignment has been fixed. Flamethrower can now damage AI Ever wondered what it’d be like to take a flamethrower to a bear? Now you can find out, as Helk has made flamethrowers damage AI. HV arrow metal tip In a temporary change - and hopefully a sign of new arrow types coming in the future - Helk has made it so HV arrows show up as having a metal tip. Sign cost reductions Shop keeps and artists of Rust will be happy to hear of some reductions of sign costs: Metal hanging signs reduced by 90% Wooden sign costs also reduced Rifle body cost increase With the addition of scrap last week, players can now make a research bench and craft components - if they have enough scrap. It’s getting a bit harder to create rifle bodies this week, as the scrap cost has gone up to 250. Other stuff Map crafts in 5 sec Note crafts in 5 sec Drinking from the world is slightly less glitchy (maybe) Demolish option removed from hammer for admins Skipqueue command added (admins can skip a player in queue) Fishtrap requires cloth instead of rope again Removed antihack.enabled (toggle the protections individually instead) Add last violation type to player kick message and server log when enforcing EU Edge launch Our first Edge server in the EU is going live today at 5pm BST. 3k, 150 pop, 1 week wipe vanilla server to start - we'll grow it as the population dictates. Also, VIP's can now join our Edge servers! So, if you have VIP on any of our servers and are looking for some fresh wipe action in an exclusive environment, EU Edge is for you! View the full article
  6. 2:20pm EST - It is a fresh week for Rust development and we're seeing balance shifts with raiding, along with progress on some new items. Let's get into it… Cupboard code locks After the significant buffs to raiding last week, Andre is providing a little more balance in favor of defenders. Most significant, tool cupboards can now have code locks added. Along with making it easier to trust people around your base, this should increase the cupboards power as an anti-grief tool. Although this won't definitively stop griefing, it will make the prospect of doing so more expensive. This also increases the importance of external tool cupboards. If placed properly, they will take priority if the main code locked cupboard is destroyed. Hammer changes Andre has also made several changes to the hammer. First, players are now able to pick up ladders with it if building is privileged. They are also able to pick up window bars, embrasures, and shutters. If you're an admin, you'll notice the demolish option has been removed from the hammers radial menu. Don't worry, you can still demolish things by binding a key to ‘ent kill’ (just be careful not to accidentally press that while looking at something you don't want to demolish). Skipqueue command Speaking of admins, they now have a new tool when it comes to the queue. The skipqueue command has been added, which allows a player currently in the queue to enter the game one time. Workbench and mailbox art Tom is rocking out artwork for some new items coming to the game. First, he’s finished the textures, prefabs, materials, gibs, etc for the Tier 2 workbench. He’s also done the same for the mailbox. Neither of these items are actually implemented in the game yet, as the functionality still needs to be coded. That said, this is a good step towards seeing them in game in the near future. Dungeon progress Vince and Damien continue their work on the dungeon art branch, adding various items and textures to the upcoming launch site dungeon. No new visuals on this yet as it’s still on a separate branch, but expect more over the coming weeks as we get closer to the next forced wipe (June 1st). Hapis improvements Petur continues rocking out changes to the Hapis island map. As he mentioned to me last week, he’s focusing on updating the topology - getting rid of the placeholder cliffs and adding in cliff walkways, caves, and mining tunnels around mountainsides on the map. Like the dungeon art work, no visuals will likely be available till closer to the forced wipe. EU Edge goes live Thursday Our first Edge server in the EU is going live Thursday at 5pm BST. It's a 3k, 150 pop, 1 week wipe vanilla server to start - we'll grow it as the population dictates. Also, all active VIP's can now join our Edge servers! So, you have VIP on any of our servers and are looking for some fresh wipe action in an exclusive environment this week, EU Edge is for you! Check back here for connect info on the bottom of our Thursday update post. View the full article
  7. 12:02am EST - Rarely do we see an update which shakes fundamentals of the game to its very core. Not only has base building and raiding completely shifted, the component system is getting a huge new dynamic… Oh, Scrap! Given it’s the first Thursday of the month, this update will force a map wipe on all servers when it goes live. Tune in for our update stream starting at 2pm EST and follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... Introducing: Scrap For the first time in the history of the system, components can now be crafted. Using a research table and some scrap, players can now craft the components they need. Remember blueprint fragments? Well, this is sort of like that. Drop a component and some scrap on a research table, then roll the dice. The more scrap (fragments) added, the higher percent chance of returning a component. Unlike blueprint research, the component on the table doesn’t break or disappear if the research fails - your scraps, however, are always used up. You can find scraps throughout the map in barrels (chance of 1 per) and boxes (chance of 5-10 per). You can also recycle components to get scraps. Scrap crafting and recycling amounts As mentioned above, scrap is used on research tables to increase odds of crafting components, and can be acquired through recycling. Here are the amounts of scrap needed for 100% crafting and yield on recycling: Gears To craft 30 scrap Recycle yield 3 scrap Metal Blade To craft 10 scrap Recycle yield 1 scrap Metal Pipe To craft 20 scrap Recycle yield 2 scrap Sheet Metal To craft 20 scrap Recycle yield 2 scrap Propane Tank To craft 10 scrap Recycle yield 1 scrap Metal Spring To craft 50 scrap Recycle yield 5 scrap Road Sign To craft 20 scrap Recycle yield 2 scrap Tech Trash To craft 100 scrap Recycle yield 10 scrap To craft 50 scrap Recycle yield 5 scrap To craft 75 scrap Recycle yield 6 scrap To craft 100 scrap Recycle yield 10 scrap Uncraftable components These components cannot be crafted: Tarp Sewing Kit Rope Research table To do all this new component crafting, you’ll of course need a research table. Thankfully, it has been added back into the crafting menu. Cost 1000 frags 25 hqm 5 sheet metal Raiding: Buffed. Components aren’t the only drastic shifts coming in today, the pendulum of raid balance swings the other way today. In the largest change to build and raid dynamics in years, Andre has shifted how placement in building blocked zones works. Any player can now place twig building blocks and ladders ANYWHERE in a building blocked zone. Let that sink in for a minute. This shifts the entire thought process of building a base and securing your loot. Anyone can now get on top of your base, over high walls, or in open areas - with great ease. Cupboards now basically serve one purpose: to avoid getting griefed. They don’t block building, raid towers, or ladder placement at all. So how do you protect your loot? How to protect your loot. Lowered costs A bunch of items have had their costs reduced. Here's a lowdown: Bandana Old cost 40 cloth New cost 5 cloth Cap Old cost 15 cloth New cost 5 cloth Balaclava Old cost 40 cloth New cost 15 cloth Burlap Headwrap Old cost 15 cloth New cost 10 cloth Boonie Hat Old cost 15 cloth New cost 10 cloth Update feed is back After flying blind for a month, the community once again has access to the commit feed. Not only has the @RustUpdates twitter come back to life, we have an entirely new site from Facepunch to show us the most recent changes to code. A huge thank you to the devs who made this happen! View the full article
  8. It’s a great day for Rust! A new update feed is here, along with optimizations, and some huge shifts to Hapis. Given it’s a new month, expect a forced wipe with the update on Thursday. Let’s get into it... New update feed After the @RustUpdates Twitter was shut down the other week, the community has has much less insight into what’s being going on with Rust development. Thankfully, a new version of the update feed went live today! With a very minimal look, this feed shows the author, time (when hovered on author), message, and branch of each commit, sorted by day (newest on top). It also shows the number of files added, modified, and removed - although that’s not very important for the casual observer. I also asked Alistair about getting an RSS feed hooked up to allow for more integrations - he’s looking into it (fingers crossed). Skin caching Going live this week, skin caching has been merged. The latest in optimizations from Andre, this functionality will hopefully lessen hitches and improve performance related to custom skins. Hapis progress Petur is back full time on Rust and working on some drastic shifts to the Hapis island map. Reworking the entire topology of the west coast, he’s replacing those filler cliffs with a new cliff wall with winding paths and mines. This is the first in many topology changes planned for Hapis. Petur shared with me that he plans on eventually implementing that to all low mountainsides in general - adding cliffs and winding paths which can obscure little bases, as opposed to being totally open like it is now. He told me to expect these changes to hit prerelease sometime later this month. Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks. View the full article
  9. 12:40am EST - It’s update day and we’re looking at fixes, optimizations, improvements to AI, and a nice new feature for vending machines. Our update stream will go live at the normal time (2pm EST). Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... AI work Helk has implemented a bunch of improvements for the new animal AI. Most important, the navmesh should generate a lot faster. This is significant because this part of the server start process still causes CPU to spike to 100%. You can be a bit more tactical while hunting,as a cone of sight has been added, allowing you to now sneak up on animals. Animals now properly run out of stamina, and will flee until recharged. Also, wolves and bears are more aggressive while boars and stags only attack now if you get too close (then they’ll flee). Chicken damage has been reduced as well. Finally, animals should pop up and down a lot less now while walking on uneven surfaces. Keep in mind, the animal AI is still in its infancy - expect more changes in the coming weeks. Death screen names Andre has made it so the name which shows up on the deathscreen is the player's actual name on Steam. This will hopefully prevent namespoofing and other general fuckery. F7 improvements Andre has also made some welcomed tweaks to the F7 reporting feature. First, to reduce clutter, he’s omitted the entire friends list in the hacker report player selection. He’s also made it so your most recent killer is at the top of that player selection. Optimization Entity pooling has been added to animals and a whole bunch of deployables. What does this mean? It basically creates less performance overhead when things are being created or destroyed. Other stuff Fixed camera clipping issues with view model crossbow animations. Properly ignore hud setting for blackout overlays (scope/helmet/binoculars) Fixed a couple errors with models and ragdolls introduced last week View the full article
  10. 1:15pm EST - After a large launch last week, the team is focused on tweaks and fixes. Let’s get into it... Navmesh One of the biggest pain points for server hosts since the update last week has been Navmesh. Providing the pathfinding ability for the new AI, this system has a lot of overhead, especially on server start, where it’s been using 100% of the CPU to generate the initial mesh. Thankfully, Garry has added two new cvars which may help lighten the load. nav_wait - Will start the server before generating the mesh, but may cause some lag in the first couple minutes of the server being up (default true) nav_disable - Totally disables navmesh. Will cause animals not to move. (default false) Player boosting kicks After some shifts to the ingame antihack system last week, players have been getting kicked for violations while boosting on other players heads. This has been fixed, so player boosting should no longer result in a kick. Viewmodel tweaks Minh is continuing his work on viewmodel animation fixes. After tweaking a ton of them last week, there are only a few more to go before he moves on to animal animations. Limited server's ability to call convars on clients Some servers have been using trickery to bind certain keys for players in the hopes of getting them to do unintentional things like direct connecting to a different server. In an effort to put a stop to this, Garry has limited a server’s ability to set certain convars on clients. Shooting through/under stone doorway There has been an issue with being able to shoot through a small slat under a stone doorway in certain situations (mainly during raids). This has been resolved. Other things Fixed various issues with dungeons Fixed issue with players being culled when looking over a low wall Fixed being able to drop items between icons View the full article
  11. 12:20am EST - After delaying the update last week, the team is pushing to release the patch today. Will it launch? Helk and Co. are definitely shooting for it, but with changes this substantial, anything can happen. Like all first updates of the month, a forced wipe will come too, so expect all server maps to wipe if the patch hits. What's in store? A new animal AI, improved sounds and models, better large furnace placement, a fresh version of Unity, along with a bunch of other changes and tweaks. Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... New animal AI After weeks in development, the new system for animal 'intelligence' is set to go live with this update. Although the Rust wildlife will still look the same, they should move much better than before - no more jutting up and down sheer cliffs or running through stuff. Most also have meaty gibs! As with any first iteration - especially one of this magnitude - there is still a lot of work to be done. This launch is the baseline functionality. Once in place, the team will be able to build over time; adding new models, animations, sounds, and hopefully creating unique behavior for each animal. Don’t be surprised to see bugs, glitches, or just overall wonky animal behavior this week and expect more improvements and optimizations to AI over the coming patches. Better large furnace placement A great quality of life improvement this week, large furnaces are now much easier to place on uneven terrain. Also, their foundations extend down further than before. Rust Hack Report is back After being silent for over a month, the Twitter feed of game banned cheaters, @RustHackReport, is back. How better than to come back with a bang? It added ~2,400 bans to the list and growing. Hopefully those bans keep coming en mass, because this hacker situation has been out of control lately. New footstep sounds A whole slew of new footstep sounds have been added, all based on where you’re walking and what type of footwear you’re sporting. This accounts for barefeet, boots, burlap, hide, and hazmat on surfaces like grass, dirt, sand, snow, concrete, carpet, metal, wood, stone and more! Great work by Alex on this one, walking around is much more dynamic now. Updated models and animations Mihn has done a slew up tweaks and fixes to animations and viewmodels for various items in game. Although nothing may be immediately apparent, it's likely you'll notice some differences as you settle in this wipe. Deer meat added Supplementing the new animal AI, a new type of meat has been added. No longer do deer yield chicken as Helk has added deer meat into the game. Unity 5.6 A big step forward for the underlying engine which runs Rust - Unity has been updated to version 5.6. This is a significant change, as up till now, Rust has been running on Unity 5.4.2f2. What does this mean for you? Well, along with making the new animal ai possible (Navmesh), Unity 5.6 boasts better tools for developers, improved performance (or so they say), better graphics, and a slew of bug fixes and improvements. You can find more on Unity 5.6 here. Performance concerns As always with large launches and long time in the making, a major concern is performance. Although the team has made some strides forward in both client and server performance over the past several weeks, this new version of Unity (and specifically Navmesh) causes some issues. Mainly, starting a server is now a much longer process due to the Navmesh creation. During that time, CPU usage on the server box shoots up to 100% and holds there for up to 5 minutes. This generates lag on other servers on the same box - which stands to be a big issue, especially for servers on shared hosts (like, you know, most of them). On top of that, with any change this massive, you can’t really know how server performance is truly going to be with 300+ people in one server until you actually have 300+ people in the server. This is all to say, we’re entering a bit of untested territory with this update; fingers crossed it all goes smooth. Other things Garry made the old hazmat froggy boots skinnable Helk removed froggy boots from the game entirely :( A bunch of language fixes to various item descriptions Rcon.web is now enabled by default. (set rcon.web 0 if you’d like to revert it) Fixed underwater bubbles continuing to play after surfaced Fixed large furnace being destroyed when buildings modified nearby The new dungeon art (airfield underground and launch site) will not be making it in today (next forced wipe at the earliest) Edge-ucation Volume 2: Harvesting With the official launch of Edge last week, we released our first in a line of videos to teach people how to play Rust. We’re back with a new edition this week as we cover: Harvesting. Check it out below and expect some more advanced videos in the coming weeks! A huge thank you to everyone who's subscribed to Edge. An EU Edge server will be coming online next Thursday, plus we've got more events and content planned over the coming weeks. Community Building Event continues! Our community build event for April continues with the forced wipe this week. This month we're asking players to build the best "Place of Business" that they can. Shops, Hotels, Bars, Casinos - if it's a place of business, it's acceptable. The winner has a chance at some nice prizes too! Check out the full details and rules on our forums! View the full article
  12. 1:20am EST - Today marks the monthly forced wipe for Rust, and with it comes the long awaited animal AI, a new version of Unity, some fresh footstep sounds, and more. Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST and follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... New animal AI The biggest shift this week is with animal AI. An entire new system is in play, which Garry has been working on for some weeks. Although the animals still look the same, there is a lot more going on upstairs. Utilizing Unity’s navmesh system, animals can now more strategically navigate the terrain. This means no more flying up and down sheer cliff faces or running through rocks and buildings all willy-nilly. This also opens up the possibility for much more intelligent behavior in the future. Given this is a first iteration, there is still work to be done. Although they don’t run through rocks, animals do seem to be prone to narcoleptic behavior. Additionally, you may find yourself running for your life from deer during early gameplay because everything attacks at the moment, and quickly. Long and short: AI is still rough around the edges, but animals are not running up and down cliffs or through rocks anymore. Unity 5.6 A big step forward this week for the underlying engine which runs Rust, Unity has been updated to the latest version. This is a significant update given till now Rust has been running on Unity 5.4.2f2. What does this mean for you? Well, along with making the new animal AI possible, Unity 5.6 boasts better tools for developers, improved performance (or so they say), better graphics, and a slew of bug fixes and improvements (including full screen exclusive mode). New footstep sounds Expect to hear some differences while walking around Rust this week. Alex has merged his work on footsteps, providing a bunch of new footstep sounds depending on what you’re walking on and what type of attire you have on your feet. Deer meat added Supplementing the new animal AI, a new type of meat has been added. No longer do deer yield chicken as Helk has added deer meat into the game. Hapis improvements Petur has given some love to the Hapis in the past couple weeks. Although not merged in yet, these changes might go live today. Most of the focus has been on reworking and improving the radtowns. Along with those fixes, he’s added radiation to those areas and done a couple other miscellaneous fixes. He shared with me that there are still many more things planned, this is simply a first iteration. Expect more improvements to this non-procgen map over the coming weeks. Dungeon art Between an underground section for the airfield and an entirely new launch site, Vince and Damien have been doing some awesome work on dungeons in the past several weeks. At the moment, however, it’s unclear if either of these additions will make it in for the update. Stay tuned here as we get closer to launch time. Performance concerns I’ve been thrilled to see improvements with server performance over the past two weeks. A big acknowledgement to Andre, Helk, Diogo, and everyone else at Facepunch for the steps forward as of late. Unfortunately, I sense we might be taking a few steps back this update. On the ‘Help us test’ Reddit post, the open issues include client and server performance being ‘less than stable’. When I start a server on the staging branch, the entire dedicated box lags out for 5 minutes, with CPU at a steady 100%, while the start process builds the navmesh. What's navmesh? It basically provides NPC’s the ability to navigate around complex terrain without running through objects and shit (ring a bell?). As great as that is, there appears to be a huge overhead which comes with using navmesh. Not only does a server starting lag out the entire box - and anyone in any other server running on that box - but server FPS once started appears to be a fraction of what it normally is. The developers are aware of this, and have a couple ideas in mind for optimization, so hopefully this won’t be that big of an issue. But with the update due out today, we’re down to the wire, and I’m pretty concerned about how servers - especially those with 300+ players - are going to run after this update. Other stuff @RustUpdates commit feed removed. RIP :*( New skins added Searchlight fixes/balance/visual improvements View the full article
  13. 2:30pm EST - It is a big week for Rust. With the forced wipe just two days away, we're seeing some large shifts enter the game. Before we get into that, I have some sad news... RIP @RustUpdates If you track the development of Rust religiously like I do, you'll probably have noticed the update feed has been silent for the past several days. No, the team is an on a collective hiatus, nor is this some April fools joke. I have confirmed with Garry feed has been turned off intentionally. This is very concerning. Insight to the developer commits is one of the things that makes Rust so special. These commits raise hype for new things coming, and more importantly, allow players to know what needs to be tested. Granted, sometimes players will see a commit they don’t understand, jump to a conclusion, then start bitching about something which isn’t even making it into the game. Sure, that’s a pain in the ass, but if Facepunch wants to continue to count on the player base to test new functionality, we need to know what that functionality is prior to Thursday. Thankfully, Garry told me, “we’ll have to find another way.” Which hopefully means another form of commit tracking is around the corner. Ideally this sooner rather than later, because right now we are flying blind. Help test on staging! Speaking of testing, in preparation for the forced wipe this Thursday, the prerelease branch has been merged into main. That means the new animal AI, an updated version of Unity, and many other things are now playable on the staging branch. Garry posted a request on the Rust website to have players opt into staging to help test all these changes. If you have a chance today, I highly recommend you take the time to opt into staging and give it a whirl. New Animal AI is in As I mentioned above, one of the biggest changes coming in this week is the new animal AI. After weeks in development, this functionality is at a point where all players can test. I’ve been running around our test server on the staging branch, and I’m happy to say, I have not been able to get one animal to run up a sharp cliff or through a large rock! More on this in our Thursday post, after we’ve had some more testing time. Unity 5.6 This update includes a new version of Unity. This version includes a ton fixes and features, best of all: Fullscreen exclusive mode should work again! For more on what’s new in this version, check out Unity’s site. Server performance Andre continues his work on server performance. He’s been doing a bang up job as performance has gotten better over the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately, server performance on the staging branch seems to have taken a hit with the latest merge from prerelease. Hopefully we’ll see some improvements before the update goes live on Thursday. Deer meat added With the new AI comes new meat! Deer no longer simply drops chicken as Helk has added in the deer meat item. Along with this, he’s tweaked it so animals now drop proper amounts of food like they used to. View model tweaks Minh has done a bunch of tweaks on various weapons and items in the game with the intention of fixing clipping and improving animations. Although it might not be instantly obvious, items like the LR-300, rocket launcher, thompson, P250, MP5, pickaxe, and binoculars should look better after this update. Other stuff Searchlight fixes, balance, and visual improvements View the full article
  14. 11:55am EST - Update day is here. With just 7 days before the forced wipe, much of the work this week has been on the prerelease branch. That said, we are seeing some fixes, new models, optimizations, and a new weapon sight coming in this week. Our update stream goes live at 2 PM EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... Simple handmade sight First teased last week, the new simple handmade site has been implemented. Costing high quality metal, this weapon attachment allows you to aim at your foe slightly better than iron sights. Here are some details and pictures… Cost 6 high quality metal Crafting time 60 seconds New wood armor models Some new models for the wood armor have made their way in this week. Although it still provides the same protection and function, it looks cooler now. Here are some pictures… Other stuff Several other things have been completed this week, for more information on that check out my previous post, but here's a rundown: Fix for plants not growing / applying color scale New skins added Various optimizations (see details on devblog) Fixed purple textures on stone hatchet projectile More progress on new rocket factory dungeon (probably not making it in next week) More progress on animal AI (maybe next week?!) View the full article
  15. It's a fresh week for Rust development, and although we're not yet seeing a ton of new things for this week, we are seeing a bunch of preparation for the next forced wipe on April 6th. Plant fixes Helk has implemented a couple fixes for plants. First and most important, he's fixed plants not growing. He's also fixed the color scale of plants (which wasn't being applied). Unity 5.6.0f2 Garry has upgraded the prerelease branch to Unity 5.6.0f2. Along with continuing on the animal AI, he's implemented some fixes and improvements to the UI. Here's hoping the new AI system will launch with the April 6th forced wipe! Optimization Continuing on his work from the past several weeks, Diogo is doing some culling optimizations to increase performance and improve the gameplay experience. Also, Andre is dabbling with some performance improvements as well. Stay tuned for more details come Thursday. World model shifts Minh Le and Alex have been working on several worldmodel and LOD changes for guns, attachments, and other weapons/tools. Rocket facility progress Damian is working on the rocket facility site, first teased last week in devblog 153. Don't expect to see this April 6th, however, according to Alistair the launch site is quite some time away, and has not been merged into the staging branch. View the full article