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  1. 11:55am EST - Update day is here. With just 7 days before the forced wipe, much of the work this week has been on the prerelease branch. That said, we are seeing some fixes, new models, optimizations, and a new weapon sight coming in this week. Our update stream goes live at 2 PM EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... Simple handmade sight First teased last week, the new simple handmade site has been implemented. Costing high quality metal, this weapon attachment allows you to aim at your foe slightly better than iron sights. Here are some details and pictures… Cost 6 high quality metal Crafting time 60 seconds New wood armor models Some new models for the wood armor have made their way in this week. Although it still provides the same protection and function, it looks cooler now. Here are some pictures… Other stuff Several other things have been completed this week, for more information on that check out my previous post, but here's a rundown: Fix for plants not growing / applying color scale New skins added Various optimizations (see details on devblog) Fixed purple textures on stone hatchet projectile More progress on new rocket factory dungeon (probably not making it in next week) More progress on animal AI (maybe next week?!) View the full article
  2. It's a fresh week for Rust development, and although we're not yet seeing a ton of new things for this week, we are seeing a bunch of preparation for the next forced wipe on April 6th. Plant fixes Helk has implemented a couple fixes for plants. First and most important, he's fixed plants not growing. He's also fixed the color scale of plants (which wasn't being applied). Unity 5.6.0f2 Garry has upgraded the prerelease branch to Unity 5.6.0f2. Along with continuing on the animal AI, he's implemented some fixes and improvements to the UI. Here's hoping the new AI system will launch with the April 6th forced wipe! Optimization Continuing on his work from the past several weeks, Diogo is doing some culling optimizations to increase performance and improve the gameplay experience. Also, Andre is dabbling with some performance improvements as well. Stay tuned for more details come Thursday. World model shifts Minh Le and Alex have been working on several worldmodel and LOD changes for guns, attachments, and other weapons/tools. Rocket facility progress Damian is working on the rocket facility site, first teased last week in devblog 153. Don't expect to see this April 6th, however, according to Alistair the launch site is quite some time away, and has not been merged into the staging branch. View the full article
  3. 2:50am EST - Update day is upon us and we’re seeing some big balance shifts, changes to furnaces, and binoculars! Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... Binoculars Seeing far off in the distance no longer requires a gun with a scope; binoculars are in. This new tool allows you to toggle between 3 zoom levels, offering magnified views greater than even then 4x scope! They do cost a gear (and high quality) but you can find them in purple loot boxes around the map (and even recycle them for a chance of a gear). Here are some pictures and more information... Cost 5 high quality 1 gear Craft time 30 seconds Furnace auto stop No more bags upon bags piling up amongst ever burning fiery furnaces - they now stop altogether once a single item is ejected. This may be inconvenient, but the impetus is improved server performance. All those burlap sacks piling up and combining outside of every burning furnace across the server adds up. There were some more drastic changes proposed to furnaces - which we may still see in the future - but for now, furnaces just stop the moment something ejects. Crossbow: No gear required The crossbow may be seeing a comeback as it no longer requires a gear. With any give, comes a take, so it does now cost more wood, rope, and frags. Here’s the new values vs. old: Old cost 100 wood 50 frags 1 rope 1 gear New cost 200 wood 75 frags 2 rope Netting cost reduced Providing a bit of cost balance to the newly added netting, Helk has reduced the price. It not only now costs 1 less rope, it requires wood instead of metal fragments. Here’s a rundown of the old and new cost. Old cost 5 rope 15 frags New cost 4 rope 200 wood Other cost reductions Helk also reduced the cost of several other items. C4 requires 2 tech trash (instead of 3) Holosight requires 1 tech trash (instead of 2) Silencer cost reduced More pick ups In addition to the new requirement of tool cupboard access and hammer for picking up all objects, Helk has added the ability to pick up a several deployables. Here’s a list of what you can now pick up: Auto and flame turret Tuna lights Lanterns Ceiling lights Stuck decals on spinner actually spin Iterating on the spinner added last week, Helk made it so stuck items will actually spin. Arrows, spears, machetes, etc. thrown at the spinner will also move around. Although it may be a small change, it does open up more possibilities for this new spinning wheel. Other changes Client optimization in the form of entity pooling Candle and miner hat show fuel inventory Muzzlebrake has higher durability and further reduces recoil View the full article
  4. A fresh week for Rust development and we’re seeing some optimizations, improvements, and forward progress on new items and functionality. Let’s get into it... Binoculars Binoculars are making their way in and the days of needing a gun and 4x scope to see far distances will soon be a thing of the past. With the prefab, viewmodel, and worldmodels rigged up, implementation into the game probably isn’t that far off. Stay tuned as we get closer to Thursday to see if they’ll make it in this week. Furnace optimizations In a much needed effort to improve server performance, Helk has started work on a new branch called ‘furnace optimization.’ As he mentioned to us on our update stream last week, furnaces spitting out and combining bags all over the map creates more overhead than necessary. This new system for furnaces aims to streamline the process and reduce server overhead. How exactly will this work and how will it change loading of furnaces? I’ve been given a sneak peek but I’m sworn to secrecy for the moment. Expect more as we approach Thursday though... Entity pooling Also in the realm of optimizations, Andre has been doing a bunch of work this week with entity pooling. As opposed to the furnace optimizations which are server based, this entity pooling is mainly aimed at improving client performance. Awesome! Hopefully between the two we’ll see better performance all the way around after the update this week. Stuck decals on spinner actually spin Helk, iterating on the spinner added last week, has made it so stuck items will actually spin with it. That means any arrows, spears, machetes, etc. thrown at the spinner will also move around. Although it may be a small change, it does open up more possibilities for this new spinning wheel. Netting cost reduced Providing a bit of cost balance to the newly added netting, Helk has reduced the price. It not only now costs 1 less rope, it requires wood instead of metal fragments. Here’s a rundown of the old and new cost. Old Cost 5 rope 15 frags New Cost 4 rope 200 wood AI progress Garry continues trucking along on the new AI system. Still on the prerelease branch, he’s cranked out a ton of commits around animal eating, attacking, sounds and more. Will we experience the new AI come the forced wipe April? That remains to be seen, but it sure looks like Garry is pushing for it. Airfield underground More progress on the new underground tunnel and bunker system for airfield this week. As mentioned in the devblog last week, this new expansion to airfield will provide more loot and cover opportunities when visiting this dungeon. No new visuals yet as it is still on a separate branch, but expect to see more as we approach the end of the month. View the full article
  5. It's a new week for Rust development and we're seeing some improvements, bug fixes, and tweaks. Let's get into it… Foliage displacement Gone are the days of big bushes sticking up through your base. In a small but impactful change, Andre has added foliage displacement to foundations, meaning those pesky bushes pushing through your floors should be a thing of the past. Console system 4.0 Garry has updated the F1 console, bringing about a new look and some functionality improvements. There’s a new style to the top tabs and the window now fills the entire width of the screen. Best of all, console commands now have autocomplete! Demo improvements After adding the functionality last week, Garry is making some tweaks and improvements to demo playback. Along with recording voice data, he's fixed it so you can now see grass. He's also added a helpful new cvar for camera speed, “camspeed.” Death pit walk out In a controversial shift, Vince has taken some of the danger out of the death pit in caves. Players are now able to walk down and recover their loot. Sewers coming to airfield Some exciting changes are coming to the airfield, as Vince has started working on a series of sewers and bunkers for that location. Don't expect to see them this week, however, as with most dungeon art changes must wait till the next forced wipe (April 6th). Netted wall frame progress First seen in the devblog last week, work on wall netting has progressed. Allowing players to quickly traverse between levels of their base, this netting stands to provide a lot of new opportunities when it comes to building. It's not clear if this will make it in this week, but stay tuned for more as we get closer to Thursday. Other stuff Fix for difficult locker placement View the full article
  6. 12:05am EST - Update day is here and with it we’re seeing a bunch of balance, tweaks, and fixes, along with an exciting new way to store items! This update will not force a wipe, however, weekly wipe servers will reset when the update hits (or sooner in some EU cases). Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST and follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it… Introducing: Lockers A new, convenient way of storing loadouts is here! Lockers have been added by Helk, and they provide a type of inventory management never before seen in Rust: hot swapping multiple items with the click of a button. With 3 sections holding 12 items each, the lockers enable players to store and swap their loadouts quicker than ever before. Simply craft a locker, place it, then click one of the swap buttons to have all items currently equipped in your hotbar and clothing slots moved into the locker. Want them back? Just click the swap button again to have them returned to your inventory. Lockers can only be placed on foundations and take up about as much space as a salvaged shelf. Also, like storage boxes, locks can be placed on lockers to secure the loot inside. Cost 100 frags 50 wood Crafting time 30 seconds Demo playback A new development tool has been added by Garry this week. Demos are now able to be recorded and played back, allowing moderators and devs to reproduce bugs which happen in servers. Similar to the source engine, these demos record the entire environment, and allow viewers to playback from different vantage points (like debug camera and 3rd person). This functionality is obviously not available to every player, as it would result in people recording a demo then flying around in free cam to view in others bases. It does, however, pose interesting new opportunities for content creators. For more on this, check out the post from Garry. Decor changes Helk has tweaked some things about the newly added base decor. Most important, items like rugs, chairs, and tables can no longer be picked up by anyone. You now must have cupboard access and equip a hammer to grab them. Also, the cost of chairs and tables have been reduced. Here are some numbers: Chair Old Cost 150 wood 100 frags New Cost 50 wood 75 frags Table Old Cost 300 wood 150 frags New Cost 200 wood 100 frags Flame turret cheaper Fiery base defense has become a bit more affordable this week as Helk lowered the price of the flame turret. Here are some new numbers: Old Cost 15 high quality 5 pipes 5 propane tanks 3 gears New Cost 10 high quality 2 pipes 5 propane tanks 3 gears Out of stock VM red on map Consumers of the Rust landscape have a bit more insight into the vending machines around the map this week. Helk has made it so any VM’s which are completely out of stock show up on the map with a red icon instead of green. Skin memory leak fix / itemskins cvar A nasty performance killer related to custom skins has been plaguing people recently. Thankfully, Andre has fixed a memory leak related to skins which failed to load. He’s also added a new client cvar which allows players to toggle off custom skins entirely. To try it out, simply type ‘itemskins 0’ in console (F1). To turn it back on, just switch that to ‘itemskins 1’. Foliage fix An exploit became apparent earlier this week allowing people to see through bushes by setting their antialiasing to TSSAA. This has been fixed, so no more transparent bushes after the update hits today. Animation tweaks Gooseman and Alex have been rocking out a bunch of fixes and tweaks to weapon animations and world models. Here are some highlights: Crossbow world model fixed Added new silencer smoke f/x when shooting Tweaked the position of the muzzleflashes when a muzzlebrake is added Tweaked the offset for the thompson viewmodel holosight Tone down the recoil animation when firing (ADS) Improved revolver 3rd person animations. Fish provides animal fat A new source of fat is here: Fish. Gutting a small trout now provides 3 animal fat along with the existing bone fragments and raw fish. Other things Optimizations from Andre (nice!) Shopfront no longer blocks wall placement on triangle foundations View the full article
  7. It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’ve got some fixes, tweaks, and some exciting new convenience when it comes to storage... Storage lockers added A new way of storing items has been added, and it provides a new level of convenience when it comes to storing loadouts. The locker allows you to store a total of 36 items (split into 3 groups of 12) and, most important, provides the functionality to instantaneously swap those items with your current loadout. Instead of dragging and dropping items in one at a time, you simply click the 'swap' button. All your equipped clothing and belt items are instantly swapped with the appropriate contents. This will allow people to get going much quicker after freshly spawning. Like vending machines, they can only be placed on foundation or floor blocks. Also, as you probably guessed, lockers accept code locks just like other storage. Cost 100 metal frags 50 wood Crafting time 30 seconds Weapon tweaks Minh and Alex have been rocking out a bunch of fixes and tweaks to weapon animations and world models. Here are some highlights: Crossbow world model fixed Added new silencer smoke f/x when shooting Tweaked the position of the muzzleflashes when a muzzlebrake is added Tweaked the offset for the thompson viewmodel holosight Tone down the recoil animation when firing (ADS) Improved revolver 3rd person animations. Fixed foliage transparency Recently pointed out on reddit, using TSSAA would make certain bushes essentially see-thru. Thankfully, this has been fixed on the staging branch, so it will no longer provide an advantage after the update on Thursday. Fixed skin memory leak The devs have fixed a memory leak involving skins which has been plaguing people recently. He’s also added a new cvar... Itemskins cvar Added by Andre today, this cvar allows clients to completely toggle off custom skins. To try it, simply to go console (F1) and type ‘itemskins 0’ (set this back to 1 if you’d like to turn them on again). Note: this only disables new skins from loading. If you toggle this off while in the presence of a skinned item, it’ll still render the skinned version. Animal animation fixes A few tweaks to animal animations are making it in this week, while the specifics are unclear we can hope that this is leading up to changes in animal AI! Other things Fish provides animal fat Shopfront no longer blocks wall placement on triangle foundations More progress on animal AI branch (still on prerelease) View the full article
  8. Welcome to Rustafied. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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      looks like you and skillz ninja got banned for a dance video and raiding a shitter base that had the loot on the first floor front wall lmao. you have people running around clearly hacking and you get banned for dancing with your mouse on a high dpi setting and getting someones base codes from a friend. An admin was spoken to thru team speak and refused to provide any clear evidence to argue his case and would not allow them to provide there own evidence to prove otherwise and said he was watching and recording for over an hour. I know them in person have based with them the last 3 wipes. Its sad when you have a power tripping admin that can illegitimately ban someone under assumption that they are hacking but cant actually catch someone in the act who is clearly using esp aim lock or some shit like that. I was admin on 3 different servers and have never seen a ban with out providing evidence to prove the ban was legitimate if the case was argued. Hopefully this ban has been brought to the attention of someone higher up and can be reversed but i have lost faith in rustafied servers from here on out. (Dom)

  9. 12:56am EST - March is here, and with it, the forced wipe, and some solid shifts to Rust - holster display, more snow, cave loot, overgrowth, and some new swaying shrubs. As always, there is no set time for the update. It does, however, tend to hit between 3 and 5pm EST (8-10pm GMT). Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... Holster display Helk, building on the caveman sash functionality introduced last week, has added the view of weapons on player models. A feature long requested by some (mainly me), players will now truly be able to see if the person approaching them is armed or not. Beyond that, you can see tools, explosives, side arms, bows, and more. Yes, if sneaking up on people, naked, with a pipe shotgun yelling ‘friendly’ is your thing, this may suck. Beyond that, we can finally see what someone is armed with, and react accordingly. This will not only bring about more ability to trust in Rust, it aids in scoping out during PvP engagements and counter raids. Let it snow! As with many forced wipes, there are some changes in store for procedural map generation. Most exciting this month is the increase in snow zones! Andre has added more winter zones while decreasing the size of the desert. Overgrowth Monuments around the map look a bit more rustic this week with the addition of overgrowth. A project several weeks in the making, overgrowth adds various plants and shrubbery to the different dungeons and monuments across the Rust landscape. Although they may be a bit overboard in some instances, I really dig the vibe of this addition - it provides a sense of desolation. Cave loot The natural cave system has increased in value as loot spawns have been added throughout. Swaying shrubbery Another eye candy addition this week, a new set of foliage has been added. This set of shrubs, flowers, and bushes not only looks a bit different, it now sways in the wind. Other map changes No big mountains on maps 3k and less Increased min distance between caves (more space between their nobuild volumes) Increased no build zone around trainyard New world models Wolf skulls and bone fragments now have world models. Here's a look: Other stuff Fix for vending machines being destroyed when walls nearby are upgraded Announcing: EU Small Due to popular demand, we are expanding our EU servers. I’m happy to announce the latest addition: EU Small. Like the US Small server, this is a 150 pop, 3k map, weekly wipe server aimed at maximizing PVP. Look for ‘ - EU Small’ on the official list once the update goes live. View the full article
  10. 4:20pm EST - With a new month and forced wipe just around the corner, the team has some awesome stuff in store. Before we get into that, I’d like to touch on a thorn in our side... Server performance For the past several weeks, server performance has become more and more of an issue. Things run great the first night of a wipe, however, once entity counts rise into the six figures, we’re seeing severe drops in server side FPS. This results in delayed actions for players, lag, and outright crashes. The larger the player count, the more affected the server. This is not an issue of hosting resources, we are simply pushing the limits of the game/engine, and with that, there is some pushback. We’ve been working with the developers to get them save files and data dumps so they can profile the issue(s) and put some optimizations in place. This is an ongoing process and it may take some time till performance is boosted again. In the meantime, if performance on on any of our servers takes a dump, unscheduled wipes may occur. As always, I’ll keep you up to date on how this progresses. Now, onto the fun stuff... Mo’ snow! With spring near, Andre is upping the cold by increasing the area of arctic and reducing the tundra. No examples on this yet, as it is wrapped up in the save142 branch, however, that should be merged in shortly. Holster display Adding on the sash functionality from last week, Helk is working on getting weapon models to display on players backs. I think it’s a huge deal to be able to see what people have on their person, and I’m really excited to see it in game. This, too, is on a separate branch still. Expect more details and pictures on our Thursday update summary post. Wind flutter Expect a bit more movement from bushes and the like this week as wind flutter has been added to foliage. This is part of a new foliage system arriving with the map changes this week, which hopefully provides some client optimizations and maybe a bit of new eye candy. More on this in our Thursday update post (once it’s all merged in). Bone frag world model Continuing work on adding world models for dropped items, Alex has added bone fragments. It also looks like wolf skulls are not far behind, but they are not quite in yet. Other stuff Fix for vending machines being destroyed when walls nearby are upgraded Increased nobuild zone around trainyard View the full article
  11. Welcome to Rustafied. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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  12. 1:05am EST - The dev team is on fire! Heavy armor is in, guest codes, naked's can truly be determined, vending machines broadcast their location on maps, not to mention a slew of other tweaks and improvements. As always, our update stream goes live at 2pm EST and follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... Heavy armor is here The newest craze in Rust attire has arrived: Heavy Armor. This tri-piece set provides excellent protection and limits mobility. It’s a first iteration - so all is subject to change - but at the moment each part limits players speed by 15%. We’re still waiting on crafting costs and damage stats, so stay tuned for some specifics on how this armor matches up with the rest of them. Heavy Helmet Heavy Jacket Heavy Pants Caveman sash: Revealing the true Newman I can’t express how excited I am for this change. We can now tell who has truly just washed up on the beach versus those motherfuckers running around with no clothes, yelling “I’m friendly, I’m friendly!” - only to have them ram a spear down your gullet the second your guard is down. Allow me to introduce: the caveman sash. This new model is added to Newmans with no clothes once they have ever touched a potentially hostile item (weapons or tools). Any fresh spawn, provided they haven’t laid hands on any of those items, will remain truly naked. If they, however, grab a spear, bow, gun, you name it, they will be branded with the new caveman sash. How fucking cool is this? We can finally know when someone is really, truly a naked. Game. Changer. Guest codes A new option for base access is here: guest codes! They allow you to set a secondary code which give people access to the door - and that’s all. It restricts guests ability to lock/unlock, remove the lock, or change the master code. Like the normal (master) code, a guest code can be set while the door is unlocked. Once set, that code will allow access to the door, but won't let anyone unlock, remove the lock, or change the core code. Awesome! Vending machine map broadcast Commerce in Rust just became a lot easier as Vending Machines now can broadcast their locations to all players on the server. This setting will be on by default for all newly placed vending machines, however, any VM’s placed prior to this update will default to broadcast off. Using their trusty paper map, players will be able to see icons across the entire seed for all vending machines set to broadcast. Other vending machine changes Helk made some other improvements to vending machines. They are now twice as strong (1,000HP as opposed to 500) and they also show the number of items per sell order on the bottom right of the front screen. Monuments on maps Vending machine broadcast isn’t the only new thing with maps this week; monuments are now labeled clearly on every paper map from the get-go. Sewing kit world model larger After a slew of new world models were added in last week, one particular item has been a bitch and a half when it comes to grabbing. After several complaints and a fucking hilarious video on Reddit, Alex has increased the size of sewing kits, making them much easier to see and pick up. Here is a before and after shot... Auto turret changes Some love has been given to turrets this week - many in the realm of peacekeeper mode. Here is a rundown of the changes: They now have freaking laser beams attached to their heads! Rock is not considered hostile to sentry turrets Water bottle, bota bag, buckets no longer considered 'hostile' to peacekeeper turrets Turrets no longer consider dead players hostile after they respawn and run back Any damage dealt marks you as hostile to sentry turrets Other stuff New world model for gunpowder Fixed some doors being invisible when moving for the first time after joining a server fixed being unable to right click-move objects into customer side of shop front View the full article
  13. 5:10pm EST - It's a new week for Rust development and we're seeing some ongoing progress on AI along with several changes to items. Let's get into it… AI progress Garry continues trucking along on the new artificial intelligence for animals. Working on the prerelease branch, he has added a bunch of functionality including: Animals wake up when being attacked They wake up when gunshots are heard, and move away from where the shots are coming from They don’t try to eat alive things They stop fleeing if tired They fear players a bit more Keep in mind, this new AI will not be in the game this week. The earliest we’ll see this in game would be the next forced wipe (March 2nd), however, given the size of this body of work, it may take longer than that before it’s ready for prime time. Vending machine changes Helk has tweaked a couple things with vending machines this week. They now have double the health (1000 hp instead of 500) and the quantity of each item for sale shows up on the front monitor. It doesn’t appear this is live on the staging branch as of writing this, so check back later for a picture. Turret improvements Some improvements to the peacekeeper mode of turrets are also coming down the pike. They will no longer continue to consider players hostile if they’ve died and come back. Also, they no longer consider water bottles, bota bags, and buckets to be hostile. Decor deployable progress Vincent continues his work on the base deployables branch. Although we haven’t seen anything specifically on this yet, it does appear we’ll be able to decorate our bases in the near future. So far Vincent has added rugs and chairs. Given it’s on a separate branch, we don’t have any visuals on this quite yet, but maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll post some on the devblog... View the full article
  14. 12:00am EST - We are at the halfway point of the month, and not only do we have fresh wipe action for our weekly and bi-weekly wipe servers, there are some new items and balance changes making their way in with the update today. Our update stream will go live at 2pm EST. Stay tuned to @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... Metal shop front A new method of trading goods in Rust has arrived. Long in concept limbo, the metal shop front building block has been added this week. Allowing players to securely barter good between each other, this item has upgraded security and functionality from it’s older brother, the wood shop front. Made of metal and glass, this structure is bulletproof and enables two players to each put items in a transfer bin. Then, once both approve of the trade, the items are swapped. If any items are moved, the trade is cancelled to avoid any trickery. Here are some crafting details and pictures… Cost 300 metal frags Time to craft 30 seconds Refrigerator added A new type of storage is here, the refrigerator has been added. It only stores food, and at the moment, there is no change to how food preservation works. Long and short: This is a half implemented item, expect more changes around this in the next couple weeks. Cost 75 metal frags Time to craft 30 seconds Vending machine changes After its inception last week, vending machines are seeing some changes with this update. Can see items for sale on front monitor No longer lockable Can be rotated when empty Shows skins of items inside Only placeable on construction blocks Fixed bug allowing access of back from the front Semi auto pistol nerf The go to weapon for Rust PvPers has been nerfed this week. The semi auto pistol (P250) now has increased recoil while moving and a larger aimcone. Although the aimcone change should only be noticeable when dealing with long range, these two changes stand to take a bit of the O from the OP of the P250. Semi auto rifle buff The semi auto rifle has received a buff this week: It now does 15% more damage. Python buff The python has also been buffed. Not only does it yield more damage per hit (18% motherfucking percent) but it fires slightly faster. Other stuff Fish has increased food yield Beartraps can be picked up and repaired Mihn has improved a bunch of animations Lots of work from Garry on the AI - not in this week but stay tuned for more View the full article
  15. It's a fresh week for Rust development and we're seeing some fixes to vending machines, progress on AI, and the makings of an interesting new functionality... Automatic door closer Helk has started implementing a new item: a door closer. As you would guess, it automatically closes a door if left open. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a convenience thing. Helk explained to me it has more to do with charging people money to use room or access different areas. It currently cannot be crafted or found as the functionality is not complete. Helk told me it may come in this week if he gets a chance to complete it. More on this in our Thursday post (if applicable). Vending machine changes Helk has also shifted a few things with Vending Machines. After making their way in last week, a few issues were uncovered. Mainly, the back of vending machines could be accessed from the front if you alt-looked the correct way. This has been resolved so you can only access the inventory if you’re truly in back of the machine. Additionally, the days of using these as a vault are over as they can no longer be locked. On top of that, a rotate feature has been added if the vending machine is empty. Finally, vending machines now must be placed on construction blocks - no more placing them all willy-nilly in a field. AI progress Garry is making some headway on the AI progress on the prerelease branch. His addition of ‘zombies’ to servers rightfully turned a few heads. He clarified, however, these zombies are not new PvE elements, they are purely for testing pathfinding and performance for the new AI. Thankfully, not only does performance appear to be holding up, these new AI elements don’t run through rocks or up gradients which are too steep for them! As with all changes on the prerelease branch, the soonest we’ll see the new AI live in the game will be the next forced wipe (March 2nd). Stay tuned here for more info over the next couple of weeks. Foliage system Andre is working on a new branch called ‘foliage system.’ This appears to be a body of work aimed at improving performance of the various vegetation across the Rust landscape. Stay tuned for the devblog for more information on this. View the full article