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  1. Looks lovely! Maybe call it pixel Did you draw it?
  2. I tried something different this time and probably my favorite so far =D Oh and teaser for new skin ;D
  3. Its really fun to make but im having sleeping problem since i paint them after work(7-8pm). Maybe i will take it slow, just too many ideas and scenes at my mind.. I made lots of sketches aswell Thank you! I'm using Photoshop mainly for painting with the help of my Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet device. There are times i use 3d with basic blocks to create scene to get better perspective and paintover whatever i want to them. Also at my other artworks i used 3d models of AK,SAP and BOlt rifle model i already created for Rust Workshop, placed them to proper positions and again paintover on them to lose 3d feeling. About Rustafied art, i have no idea how to seperate any painting compared to something i create for Rustafied community. Are you guys doing something unique that never seen at other rust servers server/community? Because i rather not use any typings at painting about that such as banners with "Rustafied". By the way i feel like my english is worst, i hope im understandable haha
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  5. Hey thank you guys! I cant stop myself painting for rust
  6. My first painting for Rust! Made with love =D
  7. Welcome to Rustafied. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.