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  1. that's not how it works. Rustafied are not the devs. This game breaking exploit is across all servers everywhere. ALL rustafied servers are down. all Rustafied servers have zero population. THE LIGHTS ARE SHUT THE FUCK DOWN hire me as your anger translator, xp.
  2. oh fuckin el mate
  3. bring back half block
  4. I am playing on medium rustafied. When I go to ''view players'' there is an error message for ''current players'' and it is blanked out. I want to report a player, but he keeps changing his name before I can f7. If i can catch his profile, then his name changing wouldn't be an issue. Other players in the server are reporting the same issue with blank current players
  5. cool. will do.. idk why this posted in "suggestions and feedback" wtf feel free to delete.
  6. Worth a shot. My gf has 2 vip slots. 1 for low pop and 1 for medium. She doesn't play anymore. She is wanting to give me her Medium server slot and cancel her Low pop. Is there anyway she/admin can transfer that slot to my account and I take over monthly payments? I only ask because I know VIP slots are in high demand and hard to come by. What I'm trying to say is, I want to cheat the system. Maybe sell vip slots FOR vip slots so you don't have to wait in line for a VIP slot.
  7. oh right on! glad to hear.
  8. I was looking through the public ban list today, (as i do every few days) I noticed a drastic influx of people being gamebanned/ban evasion from the 9th on. Like, an ass ton. Is there something that Rustafied is doing different with the ban policy? Did a new type of cheat detection just come out ? I was wondering because, I haven't played rust in quite some time. I stopped playing because the hacker situation was getting out of control. Not just on Rustafied, but just Rust in general. I may hop back on the saddle if hackers aren't a big of a problem as they were a few months back.
  9. Just mad cause bad. video proves nothing. korea number 1
  10. VIP is the best thing to ever happen. Don't have $10/month? Get a job. Can't get a job? Sale meth. Our free market economy stands strong.
  11. I know I am WAAAAY late to the party but thought I'd help any way. I had the same issue before. You have to have someone kill your sleeping body. Then try logging back in.
  12. Hello, I was interested in filling out an application for Rustafied staff. I read the bulletin posted about it and I am not finding the application anywhere. Am I missing something? I am going to rustaforum.com/apply and it takes me to the support page with no application. EDIT: nvm. i found it. You have to hit ''new request''
  13. I feel like the smaller map size is making the entire seed denser in bases. It kinda makes sense if you think about it. We still have the same number of people, but now we are a bit closer together rather than having all those bases spread further apart...hmm...
  14. Do you feel that anger and hate inside of you? Good. Use that to knock down those fucking walls!