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  1. Your computer can be clean as can be and the game can still crash. Especially last week, there were specific NRE's causing crashes and they did a hotfix for it. Long and short: I don't know exactly why you got kicked a couple times, but I can assure you it has absolutely nothing to do with our VIP system.
  2. The specific number of VIP's sold is not information we make publicly available. I know waiting in line blows, and it can be especially frustrating if you see people skipping in front of you. That said, we monitor on a daily basis and actively limit the VIP slots available for sale. If you look right now, not only is the server you're referring to (US Low Pop) sold out, US Medium, US Main, EU Medium, and EU Low Pop are all sold out as well. There is a high demand for people to join our servers, especially within days of a wipe. We work diligently to ensure there is a balance of VIP and non-VIP in any server at any given time. I'd also like to point out: VIP is the only reason these servers are able to exist. We are an independent operation, run entirely off of donations and VIP sales. If it weren't for the players in the server paying for VIP, the server would not even be there. I hope this clarifies some of your concerns. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  3. Our VIP system will never kick another person out or cause a client disconnect for non-VIP's. As PurpleFae said, it was likely a client crash.
  4. I dig it, nice pattern and look! One critique, and I know it's the Dark Brotherhood, but the pattern is a bit dark for me to really see unless I turn my brightness up. Might just be my monitor settings (and the fact it's day light out), but such a cool pattern deserves to be seen, maybe it could be lightened up a bit? Keep up the great work!
  5. Oops, that was a misprint. It's wiping on the 10th. Fixed the description, thanks for the heads up.
  6. Same issues here - DX9 didn't work for me either. Thought it might be the new ambient occlusion so I tried turning it off with: audio.occlusion 0 Unfortunately, doesn't seem like that made a big difference either. Did you hit F7 and report it? Not going to fix the problem but can help the devs find a solution hopefully.
  7. We can no longer roll back like we used to be able to - the game doesn't incrementally save like that anymore. Our options were to wipe completely again or go with the current save, I chose the latter.
  8. We're not the developers of the game, we just host servers. An early access game like Rust is especially prone to having issues occur after a patch. I would have gladly rolled back if that could be reliably done, however, it is no longer an option. We fixed it as soon as we could, pardon the inconvenience.
  9. This is not the place for unban requests and calling admins out. Email me at rustafied@gmail.com and I will look into it. Best, Bugs
  10. I came across this one while clearing out the slack channel the other day:
  11. Hey man, thanks for the well thought out post. Medium is running on its own dedicated server which has way more power than just one Rust server needs so I can guarantee it is not an issue with resources. That said, daily server restarts could potentially help the situation. I'll look into something which could maybe automate this process, but in the meantime will set a daily alarm to restart the servers.
  12. Low pop is up. Try connecting directly with this: client.connect
  13. Yup, will be posting something on it later this evening
  14. You guessed it! EU main is opening on Thursday with the forced wipe. It'll be a 300 slot server one a 1 week wipe cycle. I changed the name today to avoid confusion once we open up 'Rustafied.com - EU' this week.
  15. We're back up now.