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  1. All my bases were built to be ADA compliment...
  2. WTF Baezil
  3. I used to offer my self up as a slave. Soon after I was situated there would be a slave uprising. Its a legitimate tactic.
  4. Wow - Nice work
  5. Lol - Keep it up, get a good capture and we may link you off the site!
  6. Ask and you shall receive
  7. Grimm - You have kept this discussion going and you continue to refine a solid concept! Collaboration is key to all of this and you have been pushing it nonstop - Thank You Gabriel - Good to have you on the server and its awesome you would like to be part of the community in a larger way. You took the previous concepts and tweaked them in a way that has a lot of potential - I'd like to talk further with you regarding possibilities here! Its good to see this continue to evolve
  8. NICE concept sheet - Quick video with that light house concept Here
  9. Still don't have a resolution on this side. Did anything end up working?
  10. Right Holly? I completely agree. It was explosive even.
  11. Looking For Talent - Rustafied Twitch Time Slots

  12. Hell of a concert
  13. Consider the fact that this forum has been growing organically by word of mouth spread almost entirely by the community itself. This is huge! I can only see this community growing as the word continues out. It is awesome that everyone took the time to sign up to become part of not just a discussion based around Rustafied- but Rust in its entirety. Like anything though, this here is something that has and will continue to go through some growing pains. At this point it may not be fully ready for prime time. Things can change as the community evolves and the interface develops however.
  14. Atlas - Welcome aboard to the discussion. Stick around our servers and these forums - We have some big things planned with the Arena concept. And best of all you won't miss a beat -Rustafied has it's own Twitch Channel in the works with these PVP events specifically in mind- so be sure to pop it in your favorites tab. Very soon more information will be posted. You mentioned you have a group. Do you all have a faction?