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  1. I was on this site here ( learning to make a rust server but something wont work. The .bat file won't affect the server if its running or not (the .bat) like it won't change the name, the port, max players or anything. If you have anything to contribute, please don't hesitate to comment P.S. the .bat file, when I run it, it goes in a loop, pretty sure that's because of the goto start at the end of the .bat file this is what I put in: echo off :start D:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir c:\rustserver\ +app_update 258550 +quit RustDedicated.exe^ -batchmode^ -server.port 28015^ -server.hostname " Guides - Test"^ -server.description "Functional server testing for Guide editors."^ -server.url "Http://"^ -server.headerimage ""^ -server.seed 8675309^ -server.maxplayers 21^ -server.worldsize 4000^ -server.identity Rustafied_com_Guides^ -autoupdate goto start the server see though (8675309 song) 2017-01-06-1511-29.mp4
  2. So, I guess there's nothing I can do then? Well even if there is I thank you for helping me.
  3. Well here let me copy and paste it here. echo off :start RustDedicated.exe -batchmode -server.port 28015 -server.hostname "Egg Salad's Server" -server.seed 1337 -server.maxplayers 21 -server.worldsize 4000 -server.identity egg_salads_server -autoupdate goto start this is what I have, and the application flashes, with the caret and spaces though, it runs the RustDedicated from the .bat file.
  4. When I remove it, it just says this D:\rustserver>pause echo off :start RustDedicated.exe... (and so on) and if I take the pause off, it just flashes on my screen for a moment again. (complicated computers are complicated)
  5. nice 1337 touch, but im still not sure it works because the CMD still opens and then closes really quickly. I put "pause" at the start to look at it and it shows the coding (as in the whole line of text) but no commands I believe are being executed. here is a recording of it. Later I point to the server.worldsize and I notice the w is cut off from the rest of the word (like this: "w orldsize") 2017-01-07-1119-55.mp4
  6. i realized I can change the factors in the cmd, so there's no need to do this. BUT it would be helpful if the CMD just listened to the batch so I don't have to type in server.maxplayers 21 (or some random number) every time.
  7. Ok, I tried doing the first version but it just opened the CMD for half a second maybe even less. The second version (with the spaces) ran the RustDedicated.exe instead of me having to double-click on it, but none of the factors (max players, name etc) changed. I should have said this, but i am installing steam cmd and rust server on D:\ and I did changed it in the .bat file.
  8. I'm sorry, I can't understand you very well. Could you re-write your wording as if you were explaining it to an 8 year old? As in, very simply. I will try to understand what you are saying though. I think you meant to write it like this: RustDedicated.exe ^- batchmode^ am I right? P.S: I am coming back to edit and it seems nothing is different. Still 500 max players and same title.