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    hoppel today not from Germany


    yes you get VIP on every EU server, even when VIP is sold out
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    I am Black_Shaman!

    Hey guys, been lurking the forums and I think it's tiime for me to formally introduce myself! I am Black_Shaman. I've been a Rust player for a little more than a year and still love the game and know that I'm here to stay for a while longer, so expect to see me posting around from now on! Looking forward to discussing with y'all! -Shaman
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    Only for me this is not okey ?

    Watch in slow motion,,,
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    Only for me this is not okey ?

    Some crazy prefiring. The only way I can see him doing this legit is if he knew you were around that corner via sound, or if you shadow gave you away. Looks sketchy.
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    Insane Lag

    Yeah I've been getting it too. It is on the border of unplayable. Hopefully they come out with some optimizations in the near future so my FPS is not jumping around like crazy in fights.
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    Did you know that |Fever| has a rank up system? You can move up through the ranks from an enlisted Private, Sergeant, and Sergeant Major to officers like Captain, Major, and Colonel and finally to Generals. No rank is more important than any other, but with each rank comes privilege and responsibility. I trust you will use them wisely. Join today!
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    Bought VIP 2 times with out getting any!

    Hello, Any issues should be submitted to https://www.rustaforum.com/support.
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    Help us, Problem with codelocks

    Hi, can you expand on what problems you may be having?
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    Thompson with custom scope

    I've made a thompson with a custom scope, because I find the original scope really annoying to use. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849915845 Any thoughts? Changes I can make?
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    Thompson with custom scope

    Thanks, I love glow in the dark skins as well. The tempered series are nice, but mine just had the fade on the top, with a different texture styling and carbon focus. So hopefully it's fine. I will attempt to update it and make it more in the style of rust. Thanks for the suggestion Yeah, I would be fine with removing the glow in the dark and just focus on the custom scope. I hope people focus on that as the selling point of the skin, I will make different skins with the scope as soon as I have refined it a bit more.
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    February 16th wipe time

    Anytime... Have a nice day
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    February 16th wipe time

    Depends on what server you play on ?
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    Hello I believe a year ago there was this glitch that you could change your name and when people saw you they crashed. Well a long time ago I used this glitch on a different rustified server just to try it out. Well i got caught and got banned on every single server... I really want to get back into playing this server especially since the glitch has been patched a long time ago. I was wondering if there was anyway to get unbanned thank you
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    Thompson with custom scope

    Some people also are on the fence that paying for skins with glow in the dark reticles can be considered a paid advantage
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    Thompson with custom scope

    It looks a bit too new for the world of Rust. Maybe add some dirt or some grease stains on it, or maybe a chink out of the metal to show some wear and tear. I am kinda on the fence on glow in the dark weapons, they light your character up like a candle when roaming at night. Other than that it looks neat, the iron sights on it look cool.
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    Thompson with custom scope

    Looks good
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    Thompson with custom scope

    I really love it! I love the glowing sights(So much >,<), I love the purple! Just make sure that your gun isn't taken as a copy of the tempered skins by Milho Frito ッ
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    Burn Clan Reqruits NOW!!!

    "how to make clan rage quit server" Yeah builder passed out or something, oh no RIP 4-5 hours work that must be reason to ragequit
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    Steam Auth Timeout MEGATHREAD

    F**** steam
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    Steam Auth Timeout MEGATHREAD

    Ah, wonder when that will happen?... D;
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    Burn Clan Reqruits NOW!!!

    haha first off..... When u greifed our start base there on the video our builder passed out cuz he was 2 stoned... 4 hours later we had a new.. We are so many dedicated players in our new clan so we build big and fast.. 2end we are not FALC, i bet 8/10 guys from us can take u out easy. Or even better, where is your base and we can come for an online raid and we can see how good u guys are ? Whisper me in game and il arrange us to come to your base
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    hoppel today not from Germany

    Burn Clan Reqruits NOW!!!

    Funny, you remember this ? Dont talk shit while you guys are noobs
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    Steam Auth Timeout MEGATHREAD

    I am having the same issue. I believe they are pushing out an update Should be fixed now
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    Burn Clan Reqruits NOW!!!

    I like this
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    Burn Clan Reqruits NOW!!!

    Thanks for 10k gun powder BURN
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    Vending machines, door hatches, and more!

    I am moist
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    VIP not work

    Please submit a support ticket and we will look into it for you. You may do so here: rustaforum.com/support
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    There is alot of Solo/Duo servers on community or modded server list but ofcourse they lack the moderation and admin power in those ones people still play on them as groups sometimes and it is so hard to find a server with an admin who you can trust and find him when you need him and performance of the server is another issue. i think if you guys think of somethng like that i'm sure it is gonna be popular like all the other ones and you will keep the solo / duo players happy and free them from the hate of zergs just think about it.
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    My first skin ever - Satchel Charge

    An idea I came up with after I heard they were making Satchel Charges skinnable. This is my first skin and I would be very happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=856055789
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    Server rollback 2/3/2017 MEGATHREAD

    Anyone heard word on when the server might be up? It would seem that just about every other server is up and has been for a bit, and yet this server that people pay money to play on is still down with no word? Last word from official rustafied twitter is a retweeted meme.
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    Server rollback 2/3/2017 MEGATHREAD

    I feel like my VIP membership is money well spent.
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    Scruffy Hobo's Great Rustafied Town of the Nakeds

    There is a player made town on the main server right now, and I thought I would share some screenshots of this community build before it wipes. This place is ran by Scruffy Hobo and friends and is really a neat thing to see on a vanilla high pop server. They did a ton of things cool, by building 9 cupboards wide, with a "mansion" built in the middle. http://imgur.com/a/yUyMC
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    New Years Resolutions Anyone?

    Mine is simple. Take more screenshots for my video game screenshot blog screenshotshit. I have a keyboard with the keybindings to the left of my wasd, so I can easily take a screenshot in game with just extending my pinky from the ctrl key to the screenshot key I binded. Also working out to lose my man tits, would also count as a resolution.
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    Burn baby burn!!

    If I wanted to spend a couple hundred on arrows I could test it out.
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    server is down, PLEASE DONT WIPE IT!!

    Wiping the map is the last thing we want to do but it appears that the server is up, so hopefully this isnt an issue anymore.
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    Burn baby burn!!

    I still have bad memories of being torch raided in that small window in the game were torches did insane damage to wood.
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    Help with creating a server.

    Try this for your batch file (copy and paste) echo off :start C:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir c:\rustserver\ +app_update 258550 +quit RustDedicated.exe -batchmode -server.port 23456 -server.hostname "Secret LAB" -server.seed 8675309 -server.maxplayers 3 -server.worldsize 5000 -server.identity Test_1 -autoupdate goto start Just some notes to tell you why the earlier ones did not work... Your first one needs carets... Your second one has one (1) too many carets... no caret on the last line -autoupdate Quotes must be use around text that has spaces... like the hostname and description -CatMeat
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    Trump gets rusty

    How many tool cupboards Do you think his wall will need?
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    Trump gets rusty

    All it takes is a small gap in building priv to have everyone build up over it.
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    Best base building videos?

    What are some of the coolest / effective base designs? These are some 2x2 designs
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    My first Rust skins

    Well, i tried to make a few Rust skins myself for the first time, so why not keep this Topic here "alive" by posting them here http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198130951053/myworkshopfiles/ Have a nice day
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    Only for me this is not okey ?

    Here is my POV
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    Only for me this is not okey ?

    Its actually really cool how you as his Associates defend him and he never say anything. And maybe stop spamming this Thread with useless posts like "very nice" or something. I accept it when people are better then me but i dont accept it when People are Cheating. And checks from eac have no Sense. Cause there are many private cheats around here which cant Be detected so sit down and keep calm. By the way.. its not only me whining Or complaining about him as you have already noticed.
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    Only for me this is not okey ?

    Theres nothing much you can do vs Fraei. I´ve even got several recorded clips from him which all got forwared to some Moderator / Admin on Teamspeak or the Support Page. Even this specific Player Fraei got banned before and was unbanned 1 Day after he got banned. He is very very very.. sketchy. If u just read the server chat during the day, there are like 20+ People blaming him for cheating, so you, me, and many others are not alone. i attach a new clip here too. http://plays.tv/video/588408ca4114e424d6/-?from=user Hopefully something will change about him, or we really need to think about quitting this Server.
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    Rustaforum/VIP 2017 Changes!

    You have a pretty big monthly wipe community that would adore some type of highish monthly pop (150 max) You guys should look into it, it's your guys choice of course but it has a proven demand and I think it would work great. There is currently 1 monthly wipe server.
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    Hey Raspberry, That's certainly an interesting idea. I'm not making any promises (and we're already quite busy working towards 2017 now!) but if you make sure you include your thoughts on the survey in the announcement up there, we'll see who wants what a lot easier and prioritise better!
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    Rustafied Admin Guidelines

    Admins are here to help First and foremost, admins are here to maintain the context of the server and help players. This includes answering questions, removing toxic players / hackers, helping out fresh spawns, and running community events. No factions Admins may fraternize with other players and groups in the server, however, they are not to be a part of any factions or clans. There are not to permanently live with any factions or participate in raids with them. No raiding Simply put: Admins cannot raid other players. Stealing players things is a conflict of interest. Even if you raid an admin house, the admins are not to counter-raid. PvP Admins can play in the server like other players, this includes PvPing. Admins cannot spawn items to help them PvP, all resources / items must be found legitimately if an admin is playing as a player. Admins only spawn items that help do their job. Admins are allowed to spawn resources in certain instances. This includes: Community projects (like arenas) for community building eventsRemoval of glitched bases or hate symbolsSmall living quarters to use as a home base to help other playersSimple items (like meat or stone hatchet) to give fresh players in needRemoval of abandoned buildings No favoritism Admins are not to show favoritism to any player. Regardless of how long they have played on the server, everyone should be treated equally.