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    I play in a fairly large group. We spent the last week transitioning to rustafied. Managed to get all the bps done with some hard work from my boys. Still it felt like a huge time sink. The end result makes me wonder. How would a solo or small group have a snowballs chance in hell of using 1/4 of the items in the game now? It took my group days of scrap farming and help from allies to get it all done in a week. Let me know how you feel about the BPs.
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    Does anyone like the BP system?

    Building 3.0 is going to turn your worlds upside down again lol
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    Does anyone like the BP system?

    Came back after a long hiatus. Waited 6 months to uninstall.
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    [RDBK] Spearmint

    Does anyone like the BP system?

    Yeah my thoughts to man. Just feels like they've added another level of grinding before you actually get to the fun or rust.
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    EU Long is extremely laggy

    yeah I think this patch was quite a doozy on the lag. Hopefully with some more updates things can go back to a playable state.
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    Rustafied Main Wipe Day

    This day marks the official wipe of Rustafied Main.
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    How to get access to Clan Recruitment forum.

    Hello my name is Spada and i'm going to tell you how to gain access to Clan Recruitment forum. First thing what your going to want to do is go to the top right of your screen and sign in as a existing user. using your steam account. Then you are going to want to go to the Introductions forum. Once you are in the Introductions forum you are going to want to start a new topic and tell everyone something about your self or just say hello. And once you have done all that you should be able to go to the Clan Recruitment forum. and reply to players post's. and make your own.
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    BP wipe ?

    Thank you for the answer I have been trying to find an answer on this for a while. Now I can play on Rustafied without fear of BP wipes
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    Bar going up on Long

    If you want to help out find the Bar on the north east side of the map on Rustafied Long right in the water and save up your wood donations.
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    man, you just confirmed you know not much about the game so do not your friends. What you just said is so untrue. My zerg group from EU low pop had everything in the first 2-3 days. We had c4 within 10 hours after the wipe while no one around our base had armoured doors almost until the end of the wipe. As a matter of fact, the only player who had armoured doors at the end was a guy who I gave them to him. The new system is so bad. I have every blueprint now and you tell me that there is no BP reset. Boring game C4 raids day 1 again. This system purely promotes zergs because one of 2 ways of getting c4/ak/bolt/armour for researching is from airdrops. With zergs, it is so easy. The second way is looting the rocket factory. Obviously it also easier in groups of 8. Solos are those who are kept at bay witch sheet metal doors and revolvers they are only sulphur farms. It is even easier for zergs now because gunpowder crafting on tier 3 workbench is so fast. No wonder game is in such condition if Facepuch has advisors like you.
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    Pastor Canadian


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    Link to steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198147768191/ Age: 20 Country: Spain (i speak english so good ) Hours Played: 900+ but i have other account before with 600+hrs Play Style (Pvp/Farmer/Builder): pvp/farmer Do you have previous experience in clans? yes Do you know anyone currently in the Wolfpack? i did know bfc kesi we are friends on steam i played with him once on a server he has same logo as yours Why do you want to join the Wolfpack? i wanted to join a clan that is organized and active What skills can you bring to the pack? my aim and knowledge of the game i started playin since 2015 What do you enjoy most about Rust in general? pvp/raiding When do you generally play? i can play 6am till 7pm weekdays Wipe days, can you be on before 06pm CEST on Thursdays? yes i can
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    I really dont know where to start...this shit tilts me so hard! First of all, why the fuck do you cover the whole fucking map with snow, who the fuck wanted this shit? Second, i actually have no problem with snow, but why the fuck do you bring an update out, when its lagging so hard... take your fucking time with the update and dont just bring it out without testing it or stuff like that, helk is trying to make the game better i know...but he is just making this game worse and worse with every single update... its so sad cause rust is acutally such a nice game but you completely destroy it, really great job but hey lets add more snow so it covers the whole map right? xD fucking retards holy shit
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    ✞ trigga ✞

    eac is coming:^)!

    hi all, I am bringing a 15-17 man clan to US from australian servers, hoping for heaps of pvp, memes and onlines, good luck! feel free to check out my yt content leave a like & sub. https://www.youtube.com/c/triggarust hope to have some insane gun fights & lots of fun
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    eac is coming:^)!


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