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    #3 http://steamcommunity.com/id/veyskara/
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    Community Build-a-thon!!!

    Built in EU Main wipe just gone.
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    Make a discord server

    Agreed, from a management perspective TeamSpeak is still the tried and tested battlehorse. Discord may be appealing to casual players because of it's simplicity and promising API, but it is the other way around for more in depth users that can't live without the little little features that TeamSpeak 3 provides. I remember when Discord first came out, the entire Rustafied management made a switch over to try it out. I'm letting you know this because what has been suggested has already been tried and tested. It just didn't meet our needs.
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    [FANART]Life of Roofcamper

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    My Workshop Items

    Thanks for the information. Wish i had enough time and skills Feel free to poke me if you need any artwork. Meanwhile i made new artwork to advertise my bolt rifle skin.. Trying to make some attention to my designs but seems like nothing is working.. I cant believe Garry and Helk letting another content crafter to make suggestions at the trello they created Not that im against Xtab(famouse skin crafter) but boy he(w/e) already profits =/ Isnt that unnatural? or unethical i should say.. I suggester should earn % of items picked/selling instead of crafting. So aim will be like whatever makes best income to FP and suggester itself. https://trello.com/b/vFDxcF1D/skin-approval ..
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    My first painting for Rust! Made with love =D
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    My Workshop Items

    painted an artwork including few of my workshop skins so much fun.
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    My Workshop Items

    After my AK accepted, im overwhelmed by the support and income ofc So i pushed harder while trying to keep the same quality. Or even more.. Made few more collab with other workshopers aswell but im not sharing them to not spam =D I hope you like them, feel free to drop "fav" from steam to help me to get visibility. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=879683498 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=881685917 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=889054982 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=890937652 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=892249267
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    Duke Silver hacking?

    I have personally spent a decent amount of time investigating this player, a few things that I have found out is that there's only like 2 mentions of him in chat, spectating has not shown anything out of the ordinary, and combatlog screenshots are moderately helpful at best. Combatlog is a nice tool but it's inconclusive with the information it presents at times. It's accurate a lot of the time, but not all of the time especially if lag is involved. Screenshots alone are not enough information to satisfy your desire to see another player banned. If the time comes when we see something that justifies a ban we will do it. Suggesting that we need to open our eyes or other things that imply that we aren't capable of doing what we are here to do is not helpful either.
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    Community Build-a-thon!!!

    Our 2nd build. (5 diff people for credit!) all but 1 are villagers. Lil Uzi Ziz - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068673809/ BabyChew - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198089388827/ Sir Rage - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198091801909 [HigH] Diabetic Raptor - http://steamcommunity.com/id/diabeticraptor/ R1ChB4$s3rD - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037923458 Credits to TheProfessor for the screenshots. Thanks again! Also a special thanks to all the others who helped build our villages the past few wipes. It has been very fun. Lil uzi ziz, Babychew, Sir Rage, Brawley, RichBastard, Moist when wet, Moto, Snipe, DeadlyAurora, Hadwyn, Haywire, Sams, White Wolf, Crimson Reaper, Hundo, Eddie, Ghost of Daniel, Pickle, Freezy, Epiphany, Pewdee, and anyone else i missed im sorry! (many other villagers who just stayed a night or 2 and paid with stone/wood/metal).
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    Access Denied to Sphere tank

    Callyb still salty for being bad? When I'm around it must feel sad to be less of a man. Dont worry I have compassion for people like you spreading lies and trash talking other players just on a sad attempt to boost your own self esteem. Reason is because I have worked with a lot of patients as a psychologist that is sharing your problems. When you have a "compulsive lying disorder" which btw is a term we use to describe what may be a symptom of another psychiatric disorder you have. I would suggest you to seek some professional help, its very likely that you are suffering from bipolar, a personality disorder or being a "narcissist". But then again I might be wrong and you are in fact just a rotten person who is crying for attention by behaving like an asshole! Good luck Callyb...
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    Greetings everyone imskrewed here and glad to announce that the proof of concept last wipe was a success! I will be making a new arena this wipe larger, more options, and more game types. Once I am set up there will be games any time that I am on. The dodgeball/spear tourney at the end of this wipe will have a winner walking away with 20 steam bucks. New will be the gladiator combat where you harvest the skulls of people you have killed inside to turn in for rewards to help you stay alive longer, a high score board, and a bounty hunter board. If someone has wronged you in some way you may put a price on there head and people will trade in their skull to claim there prize and also bonus points for unique and ingenious kills! Feel free to contact imskrewed in game if you are interested in helping and please don't grief the arena .... your death will not be a quick one. HAVE FUN and happy hunting. imskrewed
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    Lack of admins is ruining this server

    It would be nice if they could refund items, sure. But it isn't worth the abuse it could (and usually does) cause. And I don't mean admin abuse, I mean the players would abuse it. Regardless of how well the system would be, they'd find a way!
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    My Workshop Items

    Oh that's you! It's so cool! I saw this on the PlayRust reddit haha
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    They're dropping like flies!

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    Access Denied to Sphere tank

    Walling off monuments is something that can be done within the vanilla state of the game. It's certainly not ideal for a number of players, but it also opens up opportunities to make allies to prevent things like that or work on compromising as much of it as you can.
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    Server Down

    Hello Guys. We are aware of the problem, and we are trying to fix the issue. Please have patience Have a nice day //Shadow
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    Community Building Event, Vote Here!

    Vote for your favorite community project from now until March 30th, where the winners will be announced live on our Thursday update stream! The winners of this months event will receive a free month of VIP for them and their team on the server of their choice, as well as get the opportunity to play a special game mode called "Gun-Game" with Rustafied staff members. Open the spoilers below to see each groups screenshots and videos! Entry #1: DOA and his crew showing off yet another awesome bar! Credited Members: DOA, coops, drynips, and Denver Entry #2: HigH coming in with their sweet HigH Village! Credited Members: Anscrew, GhostOfDaniel, Moto, Snipe, and DeadlyAurora Entry #3: Last but not least we've got a second group being given some credit for their help on yet another amazing village built by HigH. Credited Members: Lil Uzi Ziz, BabyChew, Sir Rage, [HigH] Diabetic Raptor, and R1ChB4$s3rD Voting has ended, winners are here: https://www.rustaforum.com/topic/3901-and-the-community-building-event-winner-is/ Thank You to everyone who participated, join us next month for April's Community Building event!
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    Steve French

    Community Building Event, Vote Here!

    The Bar is my favorite part of the server TBH.
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    Low Pop 5 week wipe???

    It will be a 5 week wipe on our low pop servers.
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    Community Building Event, Vote Here!

    Village looks neat, but my vote goes to the bar. It's a classic.
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    Community Building Event, Vote Here!

    I can't pick anybody but DOA, I've had some of my greatest experiences in DOA's Bar, the atmosphere and the general experience is just so enjoying & fulfilling, there is seriously nothing like it on Rustafied. (Or I haven't experienced something better yet...)
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    100% cheating. Video included

    Taken care of. Thank you for your report, but please do so through the report form if you need to report someone in the future, thank you.
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    Banned For No Reason

    The banning admin has the exclusive power to reverse the ban and that sounds like that you have already tried so I am sorry to say that you are no longer welcome on the Rustafied servers. I can assure you that admins take their time (in most cases too much time) investigating players before they pull the trigger and place the ban.
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    Thank you !! but it's pathetic how it's happened to multiple groups and we wasted a whole wipe day to get ddosed
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    That may be the case but I would hope this proposal of not showing this "concrete" evidence due to whatever reason is, in fact, true. I would hate to see a Donator falsely accused and banned.
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    Hearing that a VIP has been treated like this can show the customer service factor of Rustafied to supporters here. I can promise another monthly payment won't be paid by me.
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    If we find concrete connections between banned accounts and another account we will ban the other account as well. This has been our policy for a while. It's also true that we cannot prove that someone is telling the truth in instances like these. I would also like to add that the VIP thing is important to note... if we did not have sufficient proof, why would we want to lose a VIP user? Additionally, paying for VIP does not allow someone to avoid bans.
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    Rustafied Edge soft launch is here!

    Hehe, I'm a fast typer; brilliant! I may check out the biweekly server, I will continue to bug you with my love of monthly wipes though!
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    Access Denied to Sphere tank

    Get of my lawn!
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    My Workshop Items

    Better skills than I lol. I'm sure if the posts keep gaining traction you'll no doubt have your work noticed more.
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    My Workshop Items

    I love your Rust artwork, I remember seeing it on reddit and linked it to all my Rust buddies. It really captures the emotion and tone of Rust.
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    My Workshop Items

    Holy crap, these are amazing! Really nice job, daaaamn. This is beautiful.
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    EAC Disconnect

    Best solution if your still having issues is restart your pc or at least log out and log back in. Alternatively Go into your rust installation find the EAC or easyanticheat folder and manually update eac.
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    What happens to rustafied edge invites?

    Still no invites, updates or announcements? why?
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    EU Medium

    For some games and applications using a Linux based server is ideal. Rust is not one of those applications at the moment, it's extremely buggy and has inconsistent performance. We will continue to strive to offer the best Rust experience possible while using the most capable hardware and software available.
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    Rust Random Moments . . . #7? This video is pretty juicy, probably my favorite one so far. This videos got everything in it from a fly hacker, to banter to people raging. The next video i upload might be a JUH-OOH-SEE trap base. If there is any game or any type of rust video you want to see make sure to comment down below so i KNOW what you want me to upload. Anyways enjoy the video! TWITTER - https://twitter.com/Jaomock249 STEAM GROUP -http://steamcommunity.com/groups/jaomock249 FACEBOOK GROUP - https://www.facebook.com/jaomock/
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    Community Build-a-thon!!!

    It's 5:30 in the morning and I was about to go to bed and decided "I should give the forums a once-over before I go to sleep". Glad I did! Place looks awesome, a battle-torn gated-community in rust is perfect haha. Glad you had fun with it, consider your build verified! If you would kindly Private Message me your steam link, along with anyone who was on your build team (up to a total of 5 in all, this total includes yourself) I will log it away as your entry. Good Luck! ~Professor
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    Community Build-a-thon!!!

    i have built a gated communtiy next to the power plant on main. some of it got a little destroyed today because we gave loot away and had a fun battle in town. here is a video of some of it too hope thats okay! HigH Village 26 cabins and some bases. Most of them had 2-4 people living in them. 1 had 8. was very fun building this and having a positive experience with other players we had met for the first time. worked out very well. Anscrew - http://steamcommunity.com/id/anscrewnotty/ GhostofDaniel - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197971295397/ Moto - http://steamcommunity.com/id/kubedawg/ Snipe - http://steamcommunity.com/id/SpencerV/ DeadlyAurora - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198360552724/
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    Hola friend,like i told you on steam,strongly against making it "specifically" 1 week wipe "untill it gets fixed",cause i think they dont wanna wipe it anywhere sooner than pre-set wipe date unless they HAVE to. If you want 1 week wipe srver,its as simple as spending all your stuff before this next thursday and switch to other rustafied server that has 1 week cycle. Same outcome for you. And ofc i dont want to logon and suddenly have all my shit being wiped without me using it,that kinda sux and i wish they would (if it happens next time) to announce wipe is gonna be then and then so we can spend stuff and not feel bad about leaving stuff over. Btw: The voting thingy isn't really fair,the lag does bother me and i hope its gonna get fixed soon,ofc if it doesn't as everyone will find some alternate solution but still,you cant just hit the ultimatum pick this my suggestion or you support lag. It's like saying "pick building my wall,or you support illegals" there is people who aren't for either of those options hang in there,love <3
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    swedish group recruiting

    vi är ett gäng svenskar som spelar på rustafied eu main. söker spelare som pratar svenska. discord https://discord.gg/HxxEzQz steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DebilGaming
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    Rust Random Moments . . . Part 5. I guess this will be a series that will last forever on my channel. If you enjoy this video please be sure to LIKE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE and SHARE! This video has some pretty good clips but its shorter compared to my other videos. Aslong as we got some ragers thats all that matters.... Also if there is a series or a game you guys want to see, make sure to say so in the description! TWITTER - https://twitter.com/Jaomock249 STEAM GROUP - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/jaomock249
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    Lagging very much.

    Yeah this patch they added lag tornadoes, I get caught in one every few minutes.
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    Rust alpha (20).png

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    wipe today?

    I believe they are in the process now. The update only just went live a few minutes ago.
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    Community Build-a-thon!!!

    come witness the Bar on the west coast on main. You can't miss it. Get some juice free cam footage.
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    My Workshop Items

    Thank you guys! im really glad you liked them <3 Now im working on something new, its just a concept for now. I will soon work on it at 3d software.. I need to make it more rusty or worn out in that process, probably with better engravings =D Also i will name it Wave of Kanagawa. Its one of my favorite painting made by Hokusai
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    My friend can't see the server in the community tab so I'm trying to get him the stuff for direct connect. Thanks
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    Rust SLI Support

    Unknows settings are in the bottom of Nvidia inspector. You can pvt me your email and il send u the working profile rdy to import.