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    Clan & Profile Picture Designs

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would want some clan image designs or profile picture designs. I am willing to do simple clan/profile picture designs or adjustment in Photoshop. If I would be provided with sufficient pictures to remove/replace certain objects or backgrounds I would be happy to do some designs for you (for free ofc). Please keep in mind that due to my limited time and skills in Photoshop I will not be able to create any advances or professional looking designs Here is a small example of a clan image design I made (see attachments) If you would want to submit your photos and ideas please use the template given at my website photoshoprequests4free.com so I know what to do and how to contact you!
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    Hey, I'm 17, got 500+hrs and speak english and polish (fluently). I am looking for active people to play with today (this wipe and/or future wipes) after rustafied.eu small wipes If you are willing to join me please join my clan so I know who you are! If you want to play just this wipe or just for a couple days (ex. till sunday) you are more than happy too! Link to my steam profile - http://steamcommunity.com/id/antek6/ Here is the link to my clan (Wicked Wizards of Rust) - PS. Discord mandatory and couple hundread hours at least, 500hrs preferably, and active, more requirements in the clan post
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    Rust PvP on Rustafied main

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    invisible drop box

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    New Rust Video

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    Bradley APC is here

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    Myth coderaid: FEAR

    i am girl gS best au
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    Myth coderaid: FEAR

    Why the fuck would you let that autist in your clan in the first place

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