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    Join Rustafied Today!

    Updated 12/29/17 Thank you for your interest in joining Rustafied! This thread will provide you with the basic information you need to get the ball rolling. A little about us Rustafied started the same week "Experimental Rust" servers were released to the public. Bugs set out to host the best community servers around. In addition to the servers, he also started which highlighted all changes to the game and hosted the best guides around. In a short amount of time, the name Rustafied became synonymous with quality among the Rust community. In December of 2015, Garry Newman approached Bugs and asked if he would like Rustafied to be listed as an official server and oh boy, have things blown up since then. Over the past years we have grown tremendously thanks to our amazing community and dedicated staff. Rustafied has around 40 people on deck at any time doing a little of everything; voice acting, artwork, moderation, programming, writing, and so much more. We look for the best of the best to help make this community the greatest it can be. Ya think you got what it takes to be a member of the Rustafied Crew? How we work Rustafied is comprised of 5 teams which take care of different aspects of the organization. Moderation Team - The meat and potato's of Rustafied. Fights the never ending war against them hacker folk. Media Team - The faces you will recognize the most, this team handles Twitch streams and YouTube. Community Team - This team handles the social aspects of Rustafied and runs our events, the premier of which being Chartiable Rust, our annual charity drive. Operations Team - Ops handles staffing, organizational balancing, and internal disputes. Systems Team - Systems handles the most sensitive aspects of Rustafied. Some of those aspects are server maintenance, the VIP system, and programming. FAQ How do I become a Moderator? There are two steps involved in joining our Moderation team, first you'll need to join the Rustafied Crew (See below). If you can get your foot in the door, we will move you on to the next step. What can I expect my first few weeks with Rustafied? The following is a rough breakdown of the road to Moderator. CREW (1-2 weeks) - The "social" stage. During this time we just want to get to know you. You'll be expected to be a social butterfly in order to get your name out and start getting familiar with our team. You will also need to complete the JMod training program prior to the next stage. Junior Moderator (2-3 weeks) - The "trainee" stage. As a Jmod, you will have restricted ability to moderate and start to sit in on active Moderation. You will need to grab more experienced Moderators to assist with certain tasks. Moderator - Full Rustafied Moderator, congrats, ya made it! Is this a paid position? Almost all Rustafied positions are on a volunteer basis including moderation. What kind of time commitment are you looking for? We ask all staff to be around a minimum of 3 hours a week to be considered active. Though we are laid back as hell, if you have IRL stuff, get busy with work/school, or just need some time away it's cool. Joining Rustafied To get the process started, you will want to follow the link at the bottom of this post which will take you to our recruitment system, bear in mind that you must be signed in to RustaForum to submit an application! Fill it out and give us some time to review. Keep in mind that we are very picky with who makes the cut. We'll reach out to you regardless of you making the cut or not. We get a ton of applications and inquiries to join and we only consider those we think are the top of the class. Rustafied Crew Application - Sign-in Required If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a member of our recruitment team! PandaPuffs LetsHavePie Mac TheProfessor
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    I don't like being bottom of the totem pole. I will climb my way up to the top! Even if that means ripping down those above me! I'm coming for Comp_uter15776 first. ⛧⛧⛧ Love, [HF] Ryan Savage
  3. 1 point seems legit right? I mean i do this everytime.. kappa
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    Slots stay sold out until someones VIP expires or they transfer to another server.
  5. 1 point Guess I am not uninstalling rust.
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    bp wipe

    ok thanks bro, we came on rustafied au and we had 0 bps but everyone else did and we still had a mad time. im just farming bps for next wipe and i dont want them to wipe next week haha, will be a waste of time for me
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    No way to know that, especially on forced wipes, it's whenever the devs release it. I believe normal times for CT would be between 1pm and 5pm, but again that's normal and does not count exactly for forced wipes.
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    Decay is BS

    Eh its not so horrible with a big clan with a decent sized base usually they can farm 1 day for an hour or so too keep it going for at least a couple days, this just needs adjusting and once players have it'll be easier then thought right now
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    Decay is BS

    I like how well the game is running now.! As a solo player that liked to build a base way too large for one person the new system is a bit of a bummer. I love how fast large bases pop up and can be gone the next day I have a few small bases, not as thrilling.... Like I said though the game is running much much smoother so they are on the right track in that regard.
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    Insert art here :)

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    Happy Holidays!

    I bet Helks pickles will give you some sort of super power after eating them
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    Definite yes. Too many trio servers that just die same day. Would be nice to have a real one that stays full.
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    Rustafied Solo/Duo/Trio | VOTE |

    Hell Yeah
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    Rustafied Solo/Duo/Trio | VOTE |

    How the fuck is hiding from clans 'a real rust experience'? If i was in a clan i wouldnt say anything, but this isnt called Rust Clan Wars, every group of people want a chance to fight and if there is no chance to fight, why should i even play it then? This wipe on EU Small, me and my friend snowballed pretty hard, got two full gear sets and just as we opened the door, and walked legit 5 meters, 8 cunts popped up on the mountain and sprayed us down with 2 M249's in a matter of seconds, i didnt even have a chance to turn around, i got deleted. There is no point in bringing out good gear at the moment then, i should play with wooden gear and a crossbow all wipe? You cant evade clans, they raid everything around with seemingly unlimited amounts of rockets, no matter in how big of a base you live, youre fucked. Actually tried raiding a big clan, gathered 20 rockets and 6 c4 for 3 days, and when we started blowing in, we found ourselves only getting in like 5% into the base (which was as u would expect like 20x20 with 6 stories high)...
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    Rustafied Solo/Duo/Trio | VOTE |

    I was about to post this, PLEASE, i would pay if rustafied hosted a solo duo trio server, its so good to just go on 3v3 fights with no worries about zergs.Would be an excellent addition to rustafied servers. *EDIT* You mentioned u made a solo trio server few months ago, i guarantee tho, that this time it would get way more attention regarding how popular solo trio got, it could have weekly, or bi weekly wipes, i dont care, i would play the shit out of it:D
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    Rustafied Solo/Duo/Trio | VOTE |

    Agreed. The Solo/Trio server didn't fail, Edge did.
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    people are interested! people are just not interested in paying for a server to play on.
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    Rustafied Solo/Duo/Trio | VOTE |

    Me and my buddies would be in on a solo/duo/trio server that is regularly monitored and is a 2 week wipe. Tell us where to sign up.
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    Decay is BS

    It was about time that the devs added something significant to solo players / small groups. Large clans now have to put in more of an effort to keep their large compounds, however what if a solo can set up a large compound? If you are a dedicated player it wont be hard to get a 70+ block by yourself and it will be just as hard as a clan to prevent decay. Places like DOAs bar are going to be harder to set up and keep around for the enjoyment of nakeds. This definatly will hurt role play which is a large part of this game.
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    Hey, Deathcat We run a community to help newer players and people like yourself with basic necessity's and let you play in whatever play style you feel; let you collaborate with are team on raids on anything else you might like doing in Rust. We mostly play on Rustafied Main, were opening up to other servers soon possibly due to the poor connectivity of Rustafied servers recently. If your interested in joining up in are community. My steam profile is down below and your welcome to send me a friend request and we can talk more. Look forward to hearing from you Sincerly, Jack Shepard
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    Rustafied Solo/Duo/Trio | VOTE |

    uhm no
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    Rustafied Solo/Duo/Trio | VOTE |

    "big clan wars" is part of Rust. Just learn how to lay low and stay out of big clans radar to survive in high pop servers.
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    Rustafied Solo/Duo/Trio | VOTE |

    People say they want the server so much and in the end Rustafied is only going to waste their money hosting because the people who want it so much don't even play it. Well said above.
  24. -1 points Really obvious ESP user and Aimbot. Knew we were creeping up from over 75 meters away and opens the door and peeks at the perfect angle to kill me and my teammate. Tried to record the clip but couldn't get it to work but seriously, just watch him and you'll see everything you need to see. Rustafied EU Odd, base is at Z19 Rust 1_10_2018 12_41_01 PM.mp4

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