Rustafied Store - VIP Slot Terms & Conditions

This purchase permits the user access to one or more reserved slot(s) for the server listed in the purchase description only and does not exempt the player from adhering to the Rustafied player rules. Should a user be found to be acting contrary to these rules, the user forfeits their ability to connect to any Rustafied servers and will be held to the same standard as a non-paying user. Furthermore, Rustafied staff reserve the right to prohibit a user from accessing Rustafied servers without refund of payments made at any time, in accordance with US and International statutory laws. By proceeding with the transaction, you hereby agree to be held accountable to these Terms & Conditions in the event of a chargeback made in your name.

Rustafied Store - General Terms & Conditions

The purchase of any product, physical or virtual, from the Rustafied Store is non-refundable, except where permissible under US and International law. All data is stored securely and shall not be shared with any third parties. By selecting the checkbox to confirm your agreement to these terms, you acknowledge that the purchase is final and your account will be debited accordingly. You hereby agree to not initiate a payment chargeback and to resolve disputes using the Rustaforum support system. You agree that when paying by Credit Card payment method that checking the "I hereby allow automatic renewal of my purchase" box will subscribe you to a recurring renewal fee as stated on the Checkout page before your purchase is confirmed.

Rustafied Store - Purchase Cancellation Terms & Conditions

You hereby agree that to cancel the purchase or renewal of a product, you must provide notice to Rustafied via the support system on Rustaforum at a minimum 24 hours in advance of the expiration date of your purchase in order for the payment authorisation to be stopped. You agree that you are liable for any charges incurred and that if a cancellation request is made within 24 hours of the renewal date your account may still be billed for the amount stated on the renewal invoice. For products with a renewal term in excess of 1 month, refunds are prohibited unless initiated within the first 30 days of purchase. Failure to comply with this, and/or initiation of a payment chargeback will result in a permanent ban from all Rustafied servers and assets. Partial refunds based on the remaining time on a user's subscription may be granted to the user should a support ticket request requesting a partial refund be filed at

Rustafied Forums Terms & Conditions

Rustafied constantly strives to be a fair community for all, and these guidelines are designed to keep the community organised but still enjoyable.

If you do not agree with these guidelines you are required to deactivate your account. By engaging with the community here (including but not limited to; posting, creating topics, uploading or downloading files, rating threads or users) you accept the regulations laid forth below and that you will adhere to them. Ignorance for not reading these guidelines does not constitute a valid defence if you are found to be disregarding these rules and punitive action may be taken.

  • No abusive behaviour is tolerated, either towards other players or members of staff.
  • Discrimination of any kind is also prohibited and warrants an immediate ban.
  • The staff have the final say; if you wish to complain against a particular user email
  • Flaming, trolling or other inciteful behaviour is not for this forum.
  • Advertising is not permitted on the forums, please omit or redact any information such as server IP's.
  • Please do not disregard what the staff instruct you to do so.
  • Excessive swearing or topic bumping is not tolerated.