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  2. I KNOW SO ANNOYING IM GETTING the "NEGOTIATING CONNECTION" Right now. Its so frustrating. I buy 10$ for this server, and THIS is the ONLY server that this happens. ugh
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  4. I responded to the ticket regarding the manual VIP transfer. Please assist when possible.
  5. I bought VIP as well and got this issue. Could be because of the huge server pop and huge que.
  6. It's not being simple, it's an actual game issue.
  7. I think that this is obviously a server issue. Since it ONLY happens on this server. Maybe the admins could take another look into this. Seems a lil too simple to just say its steam or the game devs, especially when it ONLY happens on rustafied main. 3 weeks in a row ive had to spam retry connection for hours. Paying 10 dollars a month to play on this server. Total bullshit
  8. Same! Bummer too because I just paid for VIP to skip the line womp womp.
  9. I have been getting the Steam Authentication Timeout repeatedly following today's wipe. I understand that this is derived from a large number of people connecting at one time. However, this is not an issue on any other popular server. Rustopia and other highly popular servers have caused me no problems logging in on wipe day despite large amounts of traffic. I encourage you to take a look at your servers and see if this is something on your end. I purchased VIP access to your server with the expectation that I would have access to play whenever I wanted.
  10. Hi, This issue is down to Steam's authentication servers, and is known to be an issue by the devs when the number of people connecting exceeds around 500. So far the only recourse is to try and reconnect every 5 minutes or so.
  11. Got this error whilst playing on EU MAIN, all other servers (including other rustafied servers) work perfectly fine. I do hear explosions whilst on the connecting screen, so why am i not able to connect?
  12. Servus wir sind sher aktive und spielen immer die wipes von eu main und odd d.h von montag bis donnerstag auf odd und von donnerstag bis samstag auf main wir nennen uns Bandits und wäre Über neue mit streiter sehr erfreut MfG [Bandits] thomas
  13. I am on vacation. Nevertheless, it is update day, so here is a brief list of what's coming in this week. Item skins can now be changed at a repair bench Scrap has a worldmodel Roadsign Armor reworked The Shotgun Trap also takes +1 gear The Shotgun Trap loses 50% health when picked up Water jug sounds were added Roadsign Armor - Rear Roadsign Armor - Front Roadsign Armor - Side Roadsign Armor - Side New Shotgun Trap Costs Scrap Worldmodels View the full article
  14. Thank you very much
  15. Hi! If you are playing on the EU servers, they wipe at 5pm BST. If you're playing on the US servers, they wipe when the update hits, which, we never really know when the update comes out. But It's usually between 3 and 5pm EST. Hope this clears it up a little bit.
  16. Where is it possible to check at what time will be the wipe?
  17. Your profile is set to private buddy.
  18. I love the skull coffee can one
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  20. Age: 17 Timezone: Hours in Rust: 2760 Previous Clans or History of Rust: =400=, EWOK, RGS Why do you want to join Us? Been looking around for a group of experienced players to have a good time and play with. Steam ID and Link: 76561198162478367 and
  21. Mercury is recruiting for - EU Medium. We start looking at applications a few days before wipe. So if you submit an application and a wipe just happened… it may be a few days before you hear from anyone. We will be in touch. Please navigate to our recruitment discussion over at our Steam group for more information. We look forward to hearing from you: We do appreciate your reply's here, but if you are interested in joining then you need to submit an application at the above link.
  22. Thank you guys! New stuff, as always feel free to drop comment and favs ,
  23. Age - 17 Timezone - GMT Hours in Rust -2040 Previous Clans or History of Rust - =400=, SNR, EWOK. Why do you want to join Us? Need a group of experienced players like myself to join with. Steam ID and Link 76561198148922282 and
  24. Last week
  25. If you do get that I'd suggest hitting F7 so FP can investigate.
  26. I notice that the name UNKNOWN is a gamebug, after every wipe i killed by UNKNOWN. So i think its only a bugg in this game....another fukkin bugg
  27. Team-eFuzion also known as eFuz is a team mainly based on Rust. Rustafied Main US Requirements: Communication | All Players must have a working microphone and ability to use Discord. Teamwork | Although we are looking for tactical minded players, All skill levels are acceptable on a focus to improve. Active | At least active 4 Nights a week. Flaming | We have our good days and bad days, Any applicant who doesn't have a positive attitude when losing please do not apply. eFuzion Discord Fill out the Application Below: Age Timezone Hours in Rust Previous Clans or History of Rust Why do you want to join Us? Steam ID and Link
  28. If you wish to appeal your ban submit it at
  29. I was just playing normally then it said I got banned for ban evasion and I never made an account and played and hacked I don't even know how to hack on rust. PLEASE give me an answer
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