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  3. Sorry buddy, you'll be too young for our group. We should have specified that it's 16+, as things can sometimes get a little heated, being rust and all...
  4. Hello everyone on rustafied, my name is epicwafflehouse i have been playing on the staging branch server pretty much since i joined rust and i love the server and the community on the server. its been around a week and a half since i joined and i literally play every day sometimes for only a couple hours or sometimes i stream it for like 4-5 hours. looking forward to meeting more new faces on the forums/in game. some information about me though i live in wisconsin, the land of cheese and am a full time college student at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire for Business management. i am 21 and love video games
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  6. Age 13 Timezone US EAST Hours in Rust 337 Previous Clans or History of Rust I've had rust since legacy, and I've only played with friends Why do you want to join Us? I want to be able to roll on a vanilla server with a big group of people, and be able to live in a big place, and have big amounts of fun Steam ID and Link 76561198213686525
  7. That player is now banned, in the future please use our player reporting tool.
  8. Hello, i wanted to get in contact with you guys because near trainyard a bunch of people and my group are complaining about this guy his profile is private and he changed his name as soon as we started claiming hacks on him. Another thing is that his profile is private and he just snap locks heads he never misses a headshot unless he toggles off. Me and 8 other people are pretty sure he is hacking but i will let you guys be the judge. If you want to spectate him and overwatch him for a bit. Thank you for your concern in my complaint if you have any questions feel free to message me! Proclaimed Hackers steam profile-
  9. I have seen people trying to brute force codes a few weeks ago. I think there is some glitch where people can constantly guess codes without taking the shock damage when getting a wrong choice, you could of been a victim to that. The other option is your code was too easy to guess or you gave your code to the wrong person and got back stabbed.
  10. Age - 17 Timezone - Est Hours in Rust - 700 on main acc Previous Clans or History of Rust - Ive been playing rust for almost 3 years now. ive been in a lot of successful groups but recently have just been playing duo with a close Irl friend. i want to show him what its like to be in a coordinated group and you might give us the chance to do it. We both are on every night and can farm / pvp really well. if only like to join if he does as well. Why do you want to join Us? - Seems like this group has potential. Looking to get things rolling this wipe. Steam ID and Link - 0
  11. I was sitting in my 2nd airlock on Rustafied Medium 2. When I heard my front door unlock, and close. I was like wtf, then I started talking in game. They opened my 2nd door and promptly killed me immediately. Luckily I had a double door to seperate my 1x3's loot room. They said I could either open the double door or they would open it themselves. Now I am locked in my base with the front 2 Doors locked.
  12. So, like my title says, i started my own server. here's the info try for yourself you can see it is live. but it wont show up on the rust in game server list. My question is, are there certain requirements you have to meet for a server to make the list? Is there a server list cap? This is a dedicated server by the way in my basement on a typical residential hook up so could bandwidth be a problem? I've had people join the server fine from other sites I've listed it on so i don't know what the problem is. I've changed the name several times, changed ports, even IP's and made no difference. Wondering if anyone has any insight on this. Thanks for any helpful responses and i apologize if this has been covered before but 'Ive googled the crap out of this and found no help with this specific issue.
  13. Must be at least 15 to join. Join the Discord using the link from my Steam Profile: AuP Leader Jack
  14. It's not something that we can do much about. Here's a relevant link.
  15. Taken care of. Have fun!
  16. Last week
  17. I KNOW SO ANNOYING IM GETTING the "NEGOTIATING CONNECTION" Right now. Its so frustrating. I buy 10$ for this server, and THIS is the ONLY server that this happens. ugh
  18. I responded to the ticket regarding the manual VIP transfer. Please assist when possible.
  19. I bought VIP as well and got this issue. Could be because of the huge server pop and huge que.
  20. It's not being simple, it's an actual game issue.
  21. I think that this is obviously a server issue. Since it ONLY happens on this server. Maybe the admins could take another look into this. Seems a lil too simple to just say its steam or the game devs, especially when it ONLY happens on rustafied main. 3 weeks in a row ive had to spam retry connection for hours. Paying 10 dollars a month to play on this server. Total bullshit
  22. Same! Bummer too because I just paid for VIP to skip the line womp womp.
  23. I have been getting the Steam Authentication Timeout repeatedly following today's wipe. I understand that this is derived from a large number of people connecting at one time. However, this is not an issue on any other popular server. Rustopia and other highly popular servers have caused me no problems logging in on wipe day despite large amounts of traffic. I encourage you to take a look at your servers and see if this is something on your end. I purchased VIP access to your server with the expectation that I would have access to play whenever I wanted.
  24. Hi, This issue is down to Steam's authentication servers, and is known to be an issue by the devs when the number of people connecting exceeds around 500. So far the only recourse is to try and reconnect every 5 minutes or so.
  25. Got this error whilst playing on EU MAIN, all other servers (including other rustafied servers) work perfectly fine. I do hear explosions whilst on the connecting screen, so why am i not able to connect?
  26. Servus wir sind sher aktive und spielen immer die wipes von eu main und odd d.h von montag bis donnerstag auf odd und von donnerstag bis samstag auf main wir nennen uns Bandits und wäre Über neue mit streiter sehr erfreut MfG [Bandits] thomas
  27. I am on vacation. Nevertheless, it is update day, so here is a brief list of what's coming in this week. Item skins can now be changed at a repair bench Scrap has a worldmodel Roadsign Armor reworked The Shotgun Trap also takes +1 gear The Shotgun Trap loses 50% health when picked up Water jug sounds were added Roadsign Armor - Rear Roadsign Armor - Front Roadsign Armor - Side Roadsign Armor - Side New Shotgun Trap Costs Scrap Worldmodels View the full article
  28. Thank you very much
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