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  3. I see the disgusting Korean I had banned made an appearance lmao
  4. Sorry and Thx.
  5. This person was reported through our player report system as well, there is no need to make a thread about it as well. It will be looked into, thanks! EDIT: You have put your Steam ID into the report.
  6. Check log please Hypteria. he used cheats 100 % - aim. Why u server have so many cheater ?!
  7. Hello, I am Dazo101 I co own the clan "CR" we are a small clan as of now, but we are looking to recruit a few members. We only have 5 positions open for grabs. ----------Brief history of the clan------------ CR is a newish clan but not too new too the world of rust. We are always looking for new and creative players if you are a builder or a roam or if you thirst for excitement for group raiding and dominating and taking over the world of rust for a week. ------What is needed from you----- You are required too speak too me or Chaos before you are considered a minion in our ranks. please fill out the application below and we will pick from you today or tomorrow until we are happy with our team. Steam name (With SteamID link) - How many hours do you have? - Have you any VAC Bans? - What position would you like too take in our clan? ( i.e Marksmen, Builder, Farmer ) - Do you have discord? Can you play most of the time - Are you willing too farm at the start of every wipe? - Please in you're own words tell us a little about yourself. Thank you for reading we really hope too hear from you soon Yours swiftly CR Leadership!
  8. What server do you play on OldCranberry? I'm looking for a small group. I only have ~400 hours but I love farming and base building so I'm a good asset to any group.
  9. RIP radsuit guy!
  10. Mini video of our shenanigans on low pop so far this wipe :-)
  11. Thank you for your interest in joining Rustafied! This thread will provide you with the basic information you need to get the ball rolling. A little about us Rustafied started the same week "Experimental Rust" servers were released to the public. Bugs set out to host the best community servers around. In addition to the servers, he also started which highlighted all changes to the game and hosted the best guides around. In a short amount of time, the name Rustafied became synonymous with quality among the Rust community. In December of 2015 Garry Newman approached Bugs and asked if he would like Rustafied to be listed as an official server and oh boy, have things blown up since then. Over the past years we have grown tremendously thanks to our amazing community and dedicated staff. Rustafied has around 40 people on deck at any time doing a little of everything; voice acting, artwork, moderation, programming, writing, and so much more. We look for the best of the best to help make this community the best it can be. Ya think you got what it takes to be a member of the Rustafied Crew? How we work Rustafied is comprised of 5 teams which take care of different aspects of the organization. North American / European Moderation - These two teams take care of moderation on our servers. Community Team - This team runs events, produces media, manages community tasks and helps set the tone for the face of Rustafied. This is where you will find the video editors, artists, musicians and other creators. Operations Team - The Ops team handles the internal areas of Rustafied such as comms, inner office politics, recruitment, and most HR concerns. Systems Team - Systems handles sensitive aspects of Rustafied. Some of those aspects are server maintenance, the VIP system, and programming. FAQ How do I become a Moderator? There are two steps involved in joining our Moderation team, first you'll need to join the Rustafied Crew (See below). If you can get your foot in the door, we will move you on to the next step. Is this a paid position? Almost all Rustafied positions are on a volunteer basis including moderation. What are some of the perks to being a member of Rustafied? Platinum VIP for your accounts. Staff appreciation gifts. Bragging rights. And more!™ Joining Rustafied To get the process started, you will want to follow the link at the bottom of this post which will take you to our recruitment system. Fill it out and give us some time to review. Keep in mind that we are very picky with who makes the cut. If you don't hear anything in two weeks, don't take it personally. We get a ton of applications and inquiries to join so even slight blemishes can be disqualifying. If you're really determined, feel free to submit another application after a couple months, hell we may have just been fully staffed when you applied. Rustafied Crew Application If you have any questions or concerns regarding joining our team, please feel free to reach out to me here on the forums and I'll get back with you ASAP. BILL! - Rustafied Operations
  12. Last week
  13. You're welcome!
  14. thank you for getting back with me on this subject. I <3 Rustafied
  15. I would just love to see this problem resolved. the server has a lot of potential , just suffers from this problem
  16. I am sorry that you feel that way, the moderators at Rustafied spend countless hours a week banning hackers.
  17. the problem stems from the lack of moderation on the server. I do apologize for getting upset but its a real problem on the server.
  18. After my previous post, I have found that there have been no reports made by you or anyone else in our reporting system for a player(s) that you are referring to. We do not get F7 reports by the way. I found that out because I looked up your logs and found some colorful comments about the server moderation following the last time you died. I am going to guess these are the people you are talking about? In the amount of time that you have put into making comments in chat, and here on the forums you could have made several reports. Saying that you are not the only one positive about it doesn't change anything, we do not ban people based on mass complaints either. Borderline xenophobic comments and thoughts might be contributing to this as well from what I see.
  19. that's the same response ive gotten multiple times. I also understand that it is hard to just ban people outright of just someone word. But I am not the only one who is positive they are.
  20. I am assuming that I have found who you are referring to, but we cannot just ban people by request. We have to see clear evidence of them hacking. We are constantly banning hackers and try to maintain the cleanest servers possible.
  21. lots of us have! we have reported them on the report page, in game, and on steam
  22. Have you reported them to staff?
  23. 1 week later the same cheaters are still not banned. After multiple reports from most the population on the server, still no action. They are all Korean and use ESP/Triggerbots. Rustafied has the worst possible moderators. How long will this continue???
  24. We have many reasons why we wouldn't do this and any warnings made are behind the scenes instead of in public chat. If we don't ban the others it's mostly due to determining that the other players were not aware of the offending player's hacking.
  25. This is part of our vanilla experience, we let you have the fun of tearing it down and taking the goodies inside.
  26. No, we do not return or spawn in new items that you have lost, nor do we rebuild your base, even if you personally reported the player. We stay as vanilla as possible which includes the aforementioned.
  27. This would be mostly due to us not seeing any reason to ban them or that we couldn't get enough evidence to ban them. If you do obtain new, conclusive proof, please feel free to send it to any available moderator who will proceed to look into it. Unfortunately, status updates cannot be provided at any point when investigating players.
  28. Whether it’s via TeamSpeak (, or if you have a mod added on steam, there’s many places to ask for help. The best way to report players (i.e. hacker(s), overly toxic player(s) and so forth) is to tell the mod directly: Who, Where, and What. Who: the player's name and or profile link, Where: the current server they are on, and What: the person is doing By doing this it saves the moderator time to go do their job; or if they are away they can see who needs to be looked into by seeing their pokes or messages. The same basic concept works for general help, just message the mod what’s going on and on some occasions leave your steam ID if you need them to get back to you.
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